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  • CHF 25.-2 taken

    Great gadgetä

    Support the Open Air Monte Carasso and receive a great gadget!

  • CHF 50.-3 taken

    Only onceä

    Choose the night you want to visit us and receive free admission to the festival!
    Come to the ticket office the night you have chosen and you will find waiting for you your bracelet and a fantastic gadget to thank you for your precious support!

  • CHF 100.-4 taken

    Always hereä

    This reward gives you the right to stay with us for free every night, you will receive the access pass for Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Come to the ticket office Thursday evening and in addition to the pass you will also receive a beautiful gadget from Open Air Monte Carasso!

  • CHF 250.-0 taken

    Full immersionä

    Support our event and come visit us every night, at your disposal we put the pass to enter the festival on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This reward is called «full immersion» and then you also receive a voucher to be used at the street food village and one that you can use at the bar. Thanks to your contribution you are guaranteed more evenings of good music, great food and a few beers ;)

  • CHF 500.-0 / 6 taken

    One of usä

    Thanks to your important contribution you will receive two special passes that will allow you to have access to the backstage and consequently to know and interact with the guest bands. Bring one person with you and live the experience of a special evening in close contact with the music and all its background. To quench your hunger and thirst you will receive vouchers, you will taste the food from our street food village and you will be served by our fantastic bartenders at one of our three bars.
    Finally we give you the opportunity to enter the festival for free all three nights!