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  • CHF 5.-3 taken

    Vermicompost galoreä

    Come visit us in Pabhoi and you get as much worm compost with you as you can carry and some seeds. Pabhoi Greens can proudly say that we produce the best worm compost far and wide. Your vegetables and flowers will love it. (5 CHF ~ 4.50 Euro ~ 410 Rupees)

  • CHF 10.-6 taken

    Namaste, Thanks, Dankeä

    We will include you in our prayers. (10 CHF ~ 9.20 Euro ~ 820 Rupees)

  • CHF 15.-20 taken

    Paneer Partyä

    Did you know how easy you can make the Indian Paneer cheese yourself? Here you can get my recipe

  • CHF 25.-23 taken

    Seed supporterä

    Donors’ names will be painted on a beautiful wooden panel by our local artist and mounted at our seed storage

  • CHF 50.-34 taken

    Flower Powerä

    You get a package with 6 organic flower seed bags sponsored by Sativa (only CH + EU)

  • CHF 60.-19 taken

    Holy Tulsiä

    Do you know the spiritual and healing effects of the Tulsi plant - a kind of holy basil - that grows on a small shrine in many homes? We cultivate some varieties on the farm and will send you some seeds, along with instructions for use

  • CHF 70.-4 taken

    Authentic ethnic dishesä

    I will give you my mother´s receipes from my favorite five local sweet dishes: 1) Aromatic rice kheer 2) black rice pudding with dry fruits 3) til pitha and coconut pitha 4) soft rice baked with coconut and jaggery 5) tender mango cooked with raisins, jaggery and bay leaf. If you have questions about the receipes, videocall us any time!

  • CHF 80.-23 taken

    Seed of Lifeä

    You get a package with 12 organic vegetable seed varieties sponsored by Sativa (only CH + EU)

  • CHF 90.-5 taken

    My mum´s savory receipesä

    I will give you my mother´s receipes from my favorite five local savoury dishes: 1) fish tenga with tomatoes, dilenia indica, herbs and lime 2) shahi paneer (incl. paneer receipe) 3) chicken cooked with special bamboo shoot 4) smoked pork cooked with fermented soybeans 5) prawns cooked in green coconut. If you have questions about the receipes, videocall us any time!

  • CHF 100.-35 taken

    Tree of loveä

    You can have a tree planted with your name or give the present to someone. We will attach the name tag to it and send you a picture

  • CHF 150.-3 taken

    Virtual Farm tourä

    I will invite you to discover Pabhoi Greens. You will see all the activities and meet my colleagues. Do you have a question about organic farming? This will be the moment to share and chat about it!

  • CHF 175.-6 taken

    Present set from Pabhoiä

    You will taste some unique flavours and products coming directly from Pabhoi Greens or our organic neighbors. The package should include: tea, spices, neem leaves, henna leaves, rice from our own farm

  • CHF 200.-6 taken

    Holy cow of loveä

    You can name one of our holy cows at the farm. We will paint the name on the cow (with plant based, removable color) and send you a picture.
    Cows have a holy tradition at our place. We consider them as a members of the family. We do not kill or sell the cows, they are treated nicely and washed regulary

  • CHF 500.-5 taken

    Holidays at Pabhoi Greensä

    Spend a week at our farm, all inclusive (we will fetch you from the nearest train station)

  • CHF 750.-1 taken

    Name your vegetable varietyä

    You get to name a vegetable variety we sell at the market. You will receive a personal sample via mail

  • CHF 1’000.-5 taken

    Seed saverä

    You deserve our humble thanks. We are honored that you believe in our approach and give us the opportunity to further develop and improve. Additionally, if you want to receive from us a reward, you can choose one from the rest of the list.