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  • CHF 30.-0 taken


    You will receive a ticket to the event! Don’t miss it :-)

  • CHF 70.-5 taken


    You will receive two tickets to the event and two vouchers for a drink! Thank you :-)

  • CHF 120.-1 / 15 taken


    You will receive two tickets to the event and a limited edition of a poster of one of the aircraft present at the RIO 2014!!

  • CHF 240.-0 / 15 taken


    The «Discovery combination»!
    With you two tickets to the RIO 2014 you will receive two tickets to the military aviation museum Clin d’Ailes in Payerne!!

    Plus, if you wish, we will publish your name in our Libretto in order to thank you!

  • CHF 1’100.-0 / 3 taken


    An absolutely amazing offer! To reward you for your generous support, we offer you a memorable experience :-)
    You will receive a voucher for an introductory flight on a tourism aircraft at the airfield Freiburg-Ecuvillens!!
    A unique moment...