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  • EUR 10.-0 taken

    Believe in our projectä

    Thank you for confirming to us that this project is not just a dream but that it is becoming a reality. We are on the right track, we must continue and that this project is worth supporting regardless of the amount!
    We want you to participate in its evolution and we will keep you informed.


  • EUR 20.-1 taken

    Share your recipesä

    And if you submit your 3 favorite recipes to us so that we can adapt them to local flavors to offer them during our sea trips... Wouawww

  • EUR 50.-0 taken

    Cocktail with local flavorsä

    Fancy a cocktail to enjoy while watching the sunset... what more could you ask for. Come visit us on the boat and we will offer you this delicious nectar with local flavors

  • EUR 100.-0 taken goldä

    Clove is nicknamed black gold in Zanzibar because it is a main source of income. What a pleasure to smell its scents from a nice souvenir package that we will send with great pleasure for your magnificent contribution

  • EUR 150.-0 taken

    Solarpannel... sun sun sunä

    We plan to be as efficient as possible and also want to provide a stable power system for the boat. As a result, we plan to use solar energy for all the energy needs of the fridges. With your contribution, you support our efforts to be sustainable and efficient.

    Thank you for your support!

  • EUR 200.-0 taken

    Fibre glass coatingsä

    The boat will receive a layer of fiberglass in order to be the most efficient and robust on durability and to meet the tropical climate of this magnificent dream island. We suggest to put your name on a flag that will accompany us on our daily cruises