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  • EUR 10.-4 taken

    Thanks on the webä

    There is no little help! Supporters will be thanked in the video that will be published on our social media after the campaign.

  • EUR 15.-59 / 100 taken

    Arraiá de Santo Antonioä

    June Party with music and typical food from the Northeast and dance workshop, with two concerts, one for children in the afternoon and one for adults in the evening. (Individual price and one ticket is valid for both parties)

  • EUR 30.-16 taken

    CD + postcard ä

    You will receive the CD and postcar after the campaign.

  • EUR 40.-4 taken

    Vinyl + postcardä

    You will receive the vinyl and postcard after the campaign.

  • EUR 45.-43 / 80 taken

    Feijoada with samba + CDä

    A party with Samba and Feijoada will be held between July and August with the Pádua 6teto Family, for a maximum of 80 supporters. (In Vienna and date to be defined)

  • EUR 120.-7 taken

    Children’s recording+CDä

    Audio recording and a short individual video for children at Família Padua Home studio (editing and mixing included)

  • EUR 150.-0 taken


    You receive 1 hour of exclusive class with the Pádua Family for all Brazilian music instruments and improvisation.

  • EUR 200.-1 taken

    Pádua’s Experience + CDä

    You will have 3 hours of musical experience with the Familia Padua, Cd, and ending with delicious Brazilian food. (Individual price, and the group will be a maximum of 3 people per class).

  • EUR 300.-4 / 5 taken

    Pandeiro + CDä

    You will receive an instrument «Pandeiro AP», manufactured by Família Pádua (Material in PDF and a lesson included)

  • EUR 500.-2 taken

    Recording session + CDä

    Recording of a single at Família Padua Home studio (arrangement and mixing included)

  • EUR 900.-1 taken

    Private concert + CDä

    Concert with Familia Padua Trio with varied repertoire and different possibilities, children's concert, adult concert, Brazilian Jazz... (Expenses outside Vienna, must be paid separately)

  • EUR 2.500.-0 taken

    Saudação concert +CD + Vinylä

    Concert with Familia Padua 6teto with the repertoire from the album Saudação, open to suggestions from the Brazilian Jazz repertoire for this great supporter (Expenses outside Vienna to be negotiated)