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  • EUR 15.-33 taken

    New Album digitalä

    You get the Digital Code to download the new Kalabrese Album

  • EUR 30.-76 taken

    New Album Vinylä

    You get the new Kalabrese Album on Vinyl

  • EUR 50.-63 taken

    New Album handsignedä

    You get the new Kalabrese Album on Vinyl handsigned plus the digital download

  • EUR 100.-48 taken


    You get the new Vinyl handsigned and with a lovely Rumpel-T-Shirt

  • EUR 100.-9 taken

    New Album Vinyl+DJ Mixä

    You get the new Kalabrese Album on Vinyl handsigned plus an exclusiv dj Kala-Mix

  • EUR 150.-18 / 20 taken


    You get the new Kalabrese Vinyl and your Name stands in the Booklet of the Album.

  • EUR 250.-7 taken

    Lifelong Guestlistä

    You are on the Guestlist of every Kalabrese Show lifelong.

  • EUR 300.-2 taken

    Jam with the Bandä

    With your Voice or Play you can be part of a Rumpel-Jam on stage together with the Rumpelorchestra

  • EUR 500.-0 taken

    Exklusiv Streaming Concertä

    You will be part of an exclusiv Streaming-Rumpel-Concert with other Donators.

  • EUR 1.000.-11 / 15 taken

    Pizza and Partyä

    Kalabrese will play for your private party and cooks pizza (travel is not included)