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Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

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  • EUR 18.- Entrance (2 days excl meals) 18 / 25 takenä

    Entrance (2 days excl meals)

    Finally experience India in Vienna! Get inspired for 2 whole days and join as many workshops as you like!

    Presale tickets 18 € now, instead of regular price 36 € later.

  • EUR 38.- Ambassador's package 10 / 25 takenä

    Ambassador's package

    If you are participating at the Seva India Festival with specific contribution, your entrance to the entire weekend program is free.
    There is an «Ambassadors' Package» which consists of Dabba, lunch and the official T-Shirt printed «Ambassador of India» (fair-trade, organic cotton & printed in Austria).
    Now in presale 38 €, regular price 60 € later.

  • EUR 38.- Dabbawala package (reduced) 14 / 25 takenä

    Dabbawala package (reduced)

    2-day ticket (see above) + 1 indian typical steel box filled with organic vegetarian homemade food (only on Saturday). Dabba is your souvenir.
    Now in presale 38 €, instead of regular price 60 € later.

  • EUR 70.- Dabbawala package (Family) 7 / 25 takenä

    Dabbawala package (Family)

    Dabbawala package (see above) for two people + children.
    Now in presale 70 €, instead of regular price 110 € later.

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Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

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