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  • CHF 20.-22 taken

    Shoukran Habibi !ä

    A big shoukran (thank you in Arabic ;) ) from the Snoubar community! Your support is essential to the realization of this project and we thank you so much.

  • CHF 40.-2 / 6 taken

    Lebanese productsä

    After hearing us talk about Lebanon, you start to salivate and dream of all those mezzes?
    Our partner SAME SA, a fantastic store of Lebanese products offers you a voucher of 20.- to be used in Nyon or on their website (delivery possible!)
    Jump on the opportunity and buy yourself some Zaatar, a bottle of red wine from the Bekaa and some baklava for dessert.

    Thank you!

  • CHF 50.-24 taken

    Postcard of the Snoubarä

    To thank you, we'll send you a personalized postcard with a picture of the Snoubar and a little note just for you.

    Thank you!

  • CHF 80.-5 / 25 taken

    Drawing of children from Snoä

    You are particularly sensitive to children and nothing would please you more than a drawing from a kid from the skateboard team as a thank you? No worries, so many kids love skateboarding & drawing and they'd love to send some happiness and gratitude to thank you.
    We'll send it to you by mail as the Lebanese post is a bit complicated :)

    Thank you !

  • CHF 100.-12 / 25 taken

    Recipe from Beirutä

    Lebanese cuisine is the best right ? Well, we thought you might like getting a typical recipe from Lebanon by Lebanese directly! They'd be happy to share their love for cooking with you!

    Thank you!

  • CHF 150.-6 / 25 taken

    More recipes !ä

    No doubt, you love Lebanese cuisine and one recipe won't be enough for you. We do agree! So let us send you three typical Lebanese recipes made by a Lebanese person.
    We'll send it to you by email 📨

    Thank you!

  • CHF 200.-5 / 10 taken

    Learn how to slide !ä

    Since the time you were hesitating to start skateboarding, it seems that you have found the perfect opportunity. In partnership with Swiss skateboarding coaches, we're offering you a one-hour private introduction to skateboarding with all the equipment provided! Not kidding.

    Once you’re comfortable on your board, don’t hesitate to come to Snoubar to test its ramps :)

    Thanks you!

  • CHF 200.-8 / 50 taken

    Our wall, your nameä

    Are you just interested in a symbolic souvenir? No worries, we thought of you! For your important commitment in the Snoubar, we will write your name on the wall of the donors directly in the skatepark. Once done, you will even have a picture of it, congratulations!

    Thanks you!

  • CHF 500.-0 / 10 taken

    Meet us virtuallyä

    You are convinced and you want to support the project? You want to learn more about the backstage of its development? We can plan a video call with the project leaders where we will answer all your questions with as much detail as you'd like!

    Thank you!

  • CHF 1’000.-1 / 5 taken

    A Snoubar's visit ?ä

    You like the real deal huh? Well, come to Beirut ! We will get you around the place & introduce you to the project leaders, the young people of the Snoubar and show you around the skatepark. We will also get you the best man'ouché of the city, promise!

    (Obviously, we can't pay for the trip, that would require another crowdfunding ;) but we’re looking forward to meeting you!)

    Thank you!

  • CHF 2’500.-0 / 3 taken

    Snoubar thank you packä

    Wow, it looks like we're not going to be able to thank you enough for this huge commitment...
    We’ll do our best anyway, and we’ll send you a drawing of a child from Snoubar, a personalized postcard, a recipe made by someone from Beirut and we’ll also write your name on the donors’ wall!
    And if you want to meet us, by video call or if you ever want to come to Beirut, you can do it all! Pick your poison!

    Thank you!