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Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 20.-19 taken

    A signed thank you cardä

    You will receive a signed Soleva Thank You card.

  • CHF 50.-17 taken

    Personal photo from our tourä

    You will receive a personalised and unique photo on our Swiss tour, signed by the team members.

  • CHF 85.-10 / 10 taken

    Sun in the wine bottleä

    You will receive a bottle of white wine, Chasselas, from our partner Clos de Germagny in a special Soleva edition signed by the team. This vineyard at Mont-sur-Rolle has been managed by the family of Sévane Bercher, our head of finance, for decades and has had its vines free of herbicides since 2018.

  • CHF 110.-23 / 25 taken

    Your own solar lightä

    You will receive a high-quality portable solar light from our partner BioLite that will power your own camping trips and adventures everywhere you are. Additionally, we will add your name to our website.

  • CHF 120.-1 taken

    Green Trioä

    You will receive a personalised postcard from our Swiss tour, a co2 certificate for 15kg of CO2 reduction and have your name on our website.
    (All certificates together sum up to the 600kg of CO2 saved thanks to the use of solar energy during our Swiss tour.)

  • CHF 150.-4 / 11 taken

    Parenting a battery moduleä

    Our vehicle will be equipped with 60kWh of high efficiency battery storage. You become a parent of a part of the battery system equivalent to 4kWh and signed with your name.

  • CHF 250.-8 taken

    Guided tour and open dayä

    We invite you to visit our workspace during the construction phase followed by a guided tour of the Ateliers de Renens. You will meet the team in action and be accompanied with an apéro for interesting discussions. As a bonus, we will write your name on our van.

  • CHF 450.-4 / 10 taken

    Exclusive test driveä

    You will be able to test-drive the finished van with us. Additionally, you get to sign your own name onto the van.

  • CHF 700.-2 / 10 taken

    We stop by during the tourä

    We will pass by your location of choice during our Swiss tour and get to chat with the team about the Soleva project. You will get the chance to test drive the solar van. Additionally, you get to sign your own name onto the van.

  • CHF 1’100.-3 / 6 taken

    Your own solar energy moduleä

    You will receive a solar panel from our partner Energie Genossenschaft Schweiz that you can mount easily onto your balcony or any other sunny location. The panel can directly be plugged into one of your home sockets and is according all Swiss regulations without additional administrative element. You’ll simply power your home, while reducing your electricity bills by making your counter run backwards. (specs: Model AdeGeranium, 330W, 1x1.70m, produces 1/5th of average yearly consumption of 1 person). (More info on:

  • CHF 1’500.-0 / 4 taken

    We come power your eventä

    We will power an event of your choice with the solar renewable energy stored in the van. This could be a garden party, an open-air cinema, sports event, small concert, outdoor wedding or many more. All on 100% renewable energy off-grid wherever you need it. (upon discussion with the team).

  • CHF 2’500.-0 / 5 taken


    We will come to your company or organisation also with our prototype and give a talk or event on the topic of sustainable mobility and present our finished prototype vehicle.

  • CHF 5’000.-0 / 4 taken

    Become an official partnerä

    We will share your logo on our webpage, videos and presentations as well as on the van (size ~20cm). Throughout Switzerland and along the tour, you will gain media visibility with dedicated social media posts. You will receive professional images of the vehicle along the tour and when finished for you to advertise your support for a sustainable project.