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  • CHF 25.-2 taken

    Digital donationä

    With a simple donation you support our project and show us some love! On the bottom of the page you can enter a free amount if you want to help us even more!

    You will receive a digital download link for our new album (once it's released) as a thank you.

  • CHF 30.-6 taken

    Fan CDä

    Receive a CD of the new album with personal dedication. The value of this CD is expected to be similar to Bitcoin in 2020 (no guarantee).

    Estimated delivery: Spring/Summer 2022

  • CHF 40.-2 taken

    CD Bundleä

    You will receive our new album, as well as our debut album ’Carmine Line’ on CD - of course with personal dedication.

    Estimated delivery: Spring/Summer 2022

  • CHF 45.-4 taken

    Superdark Logo Capä

    Due to popular demand we will produce another cap in a new design. It features a simple embroidered Superdark logo in a wonderful font designed by Alexander.

    Estimated delivery: November 2021

  • CHF 45.-15 / 15 taken

    Superdark Banana Capä

    You will receive a strictly limited Banana Cap, which only very few will have. You can choose from two colors.

    Estimated delivery: November 2021

  • CHF 45.-6 taken

    Supporter Posterä

    Decorate your home with a wonderful Superdark poster, designed by Alexander.

    Estimated delivery: November 2021

  • CHF 50.-36 taken


    Show that you belong to the Superdark Sound Department!
    You will receive a fair trade shirt from Stanley, printed by EinfachSiebdruck in Lucerne and designed by Alexander.

    Estimated delivery: November 2021

  • CHF 60.-12 taken


    You get our new album on vinyl for eternity, signed by us.

    Estimated delivery: Spring/Summer 2022

  • CHF 80.-9 taken

    Vinyl Bundleä

    You will receive our new album and our debut album ’Carmine Line’ on vinyl - for eternity and of course signed by us.

    Estimated delivery: October 2021 (Carmine Line), Spring/Summer 2022 (Album 2)

  • CHF 80.-4 taken

    Guestlist at our concertä

    You are not so much into material things? Get yourself a guest list place, which you can redeem at one of our concerts of your choice. Including Meet & Greet.

  • CHF 100.-23 taken

    Fan Bundleä

    You can't decide? Just take both: Treat yourself to a merch item (cap/t-shirt) and a record from the new album (vinyl or CD) signed by us for you.
    Estimated delivery: November 2021 (Shirt/Cap), Spring/Summer 2022 (CD/Vinyl)

  • CHF 120.-1 / 5 taken

    Album Pre-Listeningä

    Are you a music enthusiast and can’t wait to hear what we did in the studio? Once our album is recorded, you’ll be the very first person to hear our work. We will listen to our first mixes together with you and want your feedback and input.

    We will decide how and when later. A good place would be at our practice room in Zurich but zoom is definitely an option as well!

  • CHF 120.-2 taken

    Bubble Meet & Greetä

    Visit us in the band room (Zurich, K4), drink a bottle of Prosecco with us, talk about everything and nothing. In addition, you will receive a new record (CD or vinyl) as soon as we have produced it.

    Estimated delivery of record: spring/summer 2022

  • CHF 150.-4 taken

    Super Bundleä

    You were already there from the beginning? This bundle is for you!
    You get one CD / Vinyl of our new album and of ’Carmine Line’ + T-Shirt + Poster + free entry to a future concert of us AND a little surprise! If this is not a real bargain....

    Estimated delivery: November 2021 (Shirt, Poster & Carmine Line), Spring/Summer 2022 (Vinyl/CD)

  • CHF 180.-1 taken

    Become bandmember #6ä

    You want to know what it's like to be Superdark?
    Visit us in our band room in Zurich! Listen to our rehearsal or just play along. We jam & chat together. Followed by a Schlummi at bar Schwarzes Schaf.

    We take care of drinks & earplugs.

    Attention: Only possible on Thursdays, in Zurich (K4)!

  • CHF 200.-2 taken

    Date with Superdarkä

    An unforgettable evening is in store for you: The 5 of us will meet you for a date, we’ll bring bubbles (prosecco) and a little surprise, eat together and talk to you about music and the world. After that, we’ll see where the evening takes us...

  • CHF 300.-0 / 3 taken

    1 guitar lesson with Josipä

    Have you always wanted to be a rock star? Maybe you just want to impress your friends with wonderful guitar playing or try out a new hobby?
    Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, Josip will teach you everything you need to know - from basic chords to soloing including insane tapping.
    You get a two-hour guitar lesson with Josip and decide what you want to learn.

    We provide the guitars, amps and and good vibes.

  • CHF 300.-3 / 3 taken

    1 Tennis Lesson with Towjeä

    You are rather sporty and love a challenge?
    Experience a tennis beginner lesson followed by a Wimbledon duel!

    Towje will take his time and show you all the tennis moves you need to know. Afterwards he will play a match against you. Warm up well, because it's all about everything!

    We reserve the court, provide equipment and isotonic drinks.

  • CHF 300.-1 / 3 taken

    1 DJ set - from Neil for youä

    You love parties but don't feel like always taking care of the music yourself? We have the solution:

    Our drummer Neil (aka Fen Doi - Trance/Bangers/Electronic) will play a DJ set for you at the location of your choice for you and your friends. Whether wedding or party, good music and mood guaranteed! We provide the music, DJ, and music equipment (if necessary). If you wish, the whole band will come as well.

    DJ set with length of 2h.
    Attention: Only possible in the canton of Zurich!

  • CHF 300.-2 / 3 taken

    1 Design - from Wisi for youä

    Are you creative but don't have the means?
    Do you just want to hate like the master or just need a logo for your start-up (e.g. Bluetooth water bottle). This is your chance:

    You give a specific theme (e.g. 1 word / color palette / etc) and Wisi will implement it graphically. You’ll get the final product as a digital file (incl. 1 revision) and we’ll also post it on our Instagram.

    Knock yourself out, Wisi's fingers are already burning...

  • CHF 300.-1 / 3 taken

    1 Song - from Dada for youä

    Have you always wanted to turn an idea into music?
    Do you just want to mess with him a little or start your career as a ghost-producer? This is your chance: You give a specific topic (e.g. keyword / link / meme / genre / etc) and Dada writes a track (at least 2 min) according to your specification. You will receive the final product in digital form and it will be posted on our Bandcamp forever.

    Be careful what you wish for....

  • CHF 500.-0 taken

    Private concert at our placeä

    We play an exclusive concert for you + 9 friends in our band room. Afterparty including surprises guaranteed. LET'S GO!

  • CHF 1’000.-1 taken

    Exclusive concertä

    You organize the location, we provide the music.
    Whether garden, living room, roof terrace, or garage - we play a 1h set for you and your crew at your desired location.

  • CHF 10’000.-0 taken

    Become our managerä

    Our hard work pays off for you: Together we will fly to the moon.

    (Of course, you'll also receive a Superdark Super Bundle including custom design merch)