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  • EUR 25.-0 / 50 taken

    Swiss Postcard Awardä

    We'll be sending you a Swiss postcard as a thank you. Signed by Daniel and Nico.

  • EUR 50.-8 taken

    Hero Packageä

    You think what we do is relevant and you just want to see us succeed? Then this award is for you!
    For 50 EUR we will be sending you a postcard signed by Daniel and Nico thanking you for your support. And if you ever come to town, rest assured that the coffee, beer or sparkling water will be on us!

  • EUR 125.-9 / 30 taken

    1 Module of your choiceä

    You will get access to one Core Module, one Deep Dive or one Workshop.
    Value: 250 EUR

  • EUR 250.-0 / 20 taken

    2 Modules of your choiceä

    You will get access to two Core Modules, Deep Dive Modules or Workshops.
    Value: 500 EUR

  • EUR 500.-1 / 15 taken

    5 Modules of your choiceä

    You will get access to 5 Core Modules or Deep Dive Modules.
    Value: 1'250 EUR

  • EUR 1.000.-3 / 10 taken

    Education Programme Accessä

    You will get access to the entire Education Programme including all Core Modules, Deep Dives and Workshops.
    Value: 2'500 EUR

  • EUR 2.000.-1 / 10 taken

    The FFF-Packageä

    You consider yourself a Friend, Family, or Fool? Then this award is for you. Free access to the programme, along with 5kg of Swiss chocolate.
    Nico and Daniel will be there alongside you to answer all the questions you have regarding Sport and Sustainability.