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  • CHF 15.-11 taken

    Super Supporter!ä

    You're awesome! As a special thank you for your generosity we’ll publish your name on social media and in our dedicated supporters tab in the SwissCheck app itself!

  • CHF 30.-3 taken


    In addition to the reward above, we’ll enter you into a raffle for the chance to win a 150 CHF voucher for Zalando or Digitec!

  • CHF 40.-3 taken

    Early bird!ä

    Be one of the first to try SwissCheck! We’ll give you early access to the app 2 weeks before it is released to the general public. You'll also be kept up-to-date with news, developments, and future projects.

    (Includes previous rewards)

  • CHF 45.-6 taken

    Exklusive SwissCheck Mugä

    As a reward for your generosity, we’ll send you a beautiful and exclusive SwissCheck mug so that you can enjoy a tea, coffee or hot chocolate whilst letting your friends and family know that you support Swiss products and Swiss companies!

  • CHF 50.-4 taken

    SwissCheck Webinarä

    Take part in our 30-minute practical webinar, in which we will show you how to make the most out of SwissCheck and share tips for a better and safer online shopping experience!

    (Includes previous rewards)

  • CHF 60.-10 taken

    Top Secret Testing!ä

    Be a member of our exclusive test group and have the opportunity to shape the development of SwissCheck! You'll be given early access, have the chance to test Beta versions, and be invited to take part in our user panels!

    (Includes all previous rewards)

  • CHF 70.-1 taken

    Legal Masterclass!ä

    You'll be invited to join one of our Online Masterclasses in which we cover topics such as:

    • Practical knowledge of your rights when shopping online,

    • Basic knowledge about contract traps that you should pay attention to,

    • How to get the most out of SwissCheck.

    You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions during the session. (up to 1 hour)

    (Includes all previous rewards)

  • CHF 75.-3 taken

    Promote your Business!ä

    Are you a business that is based in Switzerland? We’ll add you to our list of featured partners, which will be displayed to SwissCheck users. We’ll also provide a link to your website.

    (Limited to 6 months)

  • CHF 80.-10 taken

    SwissCheck Premium FREEä

    Damit der SwissCheck möglichst vielen Menschen zur Verfügung steht, wird eine BASIS-Version kostenfrei sein. Daneben wird eine PREMIUM-Version mit weiteren Funktionalitäten gegen eine Gebühr angeboten (damit wir auch in der Zukunft den Betrieb und die ständige Weiterentwicklung des SwissCheck finanzieren können)!

    Für Deine Unterstützung in Höhe von CHF 80 bekommst Du die PREMIUM-Version DAUERHAFT KOSTENFREI, das garantieren wir Dir!

    (Beinhaltet alle früheren Belohnungen inkl. Tasse - ausser ’Werbe für Dein Unternehmen’)

  • CHF 110.-3 taken

    Founder Mentorshipä

    Are you a current or aspiring founder? Would you like a sparring partner to discuss ideas with? As a thank you for your generous donation you will receive 2 online mentoring sessions with Elena (1 hour each) in which you can ask any questions and also receive advice on areas such as:

    • the challenges and opportunities of being a female founder,

    • professional reorientation / career change,

    • work/life balance,

    • brainstorming and validation.

    Elena completely switched career and went from working as a judge to working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Software. As such she is one of the best people to ask about how to make a career switch and have fun at the same time!

    (Includes all previous rewards – excl. Promote your Business)

  • CHF 500.-2 / 6 taken

    Star Sponsor!ä

    You're a star! Thank you for your amazing support and generosity! As a thank you for helping us to make SwissCheck a reality we are very happy to feature your name and/or company logo on our home screen for a period of 3 months, during which it will be seen by all our users!

  • CHF 800.-1 / 6 taken

    Platinum Partner!ä

    We bow down to you and thank you with all our hearts! Thank you for your amazing support and generosity! As a thank you for helping us to make SwissCheck a reality we are super excited to prominently feature your name and/or company logo on our home screen and results screen for a period of 6 months, during which it will be seen by all of our users!

  • CHF 3’000.-0 / 1 taken

    The Big One!ä

    How can we possibly thank you for such an amazing commitment?! Well, in addition to all of the rewards above, we will also RENAME SwissCheck to include your name and logo, as well as apply your branding and colours throughout the tool, for a whole 6 months so that all of our users see just how wonderful you are!