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Give away a project backing as a giftä

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  • EUR 10.-1 taken

    Hug (real or virual)ä

    You get an actual or virtual hug from Talespin! (real hugs only available within Vienna city limits)

  • EUR 20.-0 taken

    Handwritten Thank You ä

    One of our actual, human children will write you a personalized thank-you note. Warning: this product contains dangerous amounts of adorableness.

  • EUR 30.-38 taken

    1 Book + CDä

    1 book and CD in the language of your choice (English, German or French)

  • EUR 45.-13 / 25 taken

    Pre-holiday, signed book/CDä

    1 book and CD signed by Chanda and Johanna which arrives at your doorstop in time to be the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER for all your friends and family with children.

  • EUR 60.-2 / 10 taken

    Book/CD + Talespin diplomaä

    1 book with CD in the language of your choice including a colorful, official Talespin diploma with the child recipient’s name, attesting that he or she is definitely the BEST child in the universe

  • EUR 70.-1 / 10 taken

    Book + CD plus live readingä

    Not only will we post you your own copy of «Monkey», but Chanda or Johanna will also call and personally read you the story of «How Monkey Looked for Trouble» via video chat or phone before the book is even launched! Whaaaaat?? Amaaaazing!!

  • EUR 80.-13 / 20 taken

    Mini-Bundle! 3 Books and CD!ä

    You get 3 copies of «Monkey» in the language(s) of your choice - mix and match! Perfect for if you know at least 3 kids, or if you happen to have 3 different personalities, all of whom speak different languages :-) As a thank you, we promise you will have them in time to beat the Christmas rush!

  • EUR 120.-10 / 10 taken

    Book Bundle in time for Xmasä

    You get 5 copies of «Monkey» in the language(s) of your choice, a certificate attesting to your being a Talespin patron and clearly a forward-thinker in the arts, all arriving at your doorstop in time to make you the best giver of original Christmas gifts the world has ever known.

  • EUR 200.-2 / 5 taken

    The VIP Packageä

    Besides 5 copies of «Monkey»in the language(s) of your choice, you get backstage passes, a bottle of bubbly, reserved seats and tickets for up to 4 adults or children to the book release and concert in Vienna, Austria in February 2019

  • EUR 500.-1 / 3 taken

    «Monkey», Live Concertä

    We play your kid’s birthday party, or your retirement party, we're not judging! For only 500 euros, Talespin will entertain the kids and adults at your bash with our musical stories, including «Monkey». Imagine, live classical music, illustrations and story telling for up to 30 minutes! WAY better than your uncle dressing up as that weird clown again...