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  • CHF 25.-23 taken

    «Tamed Gods» signedä

    You will receive the signed chapter 1 of the comic series «Tamed Gods».
    32 pages, 26.6x19cm. (Free shipping)

  • CHF 48.-2 taken

    6 pieces postcard setä

    You will get six of my most beautiful illustrations as beautiful postcards. (See updates)

  • CHF 48.-1 taken

    Sechteiliges Postkarten Set,ä

    Du erhältst sechs meiner schönsten Illustrationen als wunderschönes Postkarten Set. Siehe «Updates».

  • CHF 50.-32 taken

    Comic stamped, numberedä

    You will receive Chapter 1 of «Tamed Gods» numbered, signed and decorated with a pretty airplane stamp. A real collector's item! (Free shipping)

  • CHF 51.-1 / 3 taken

    Poster Airacobra und Ford Tä

    Du erhältst einen 40x30cm grosses Druck meiner Illustration P-41 Airacobra und Ford-T Roadster. Es scheint ein kleiner Flirt vor dem Hintergrund Pazifischer Palmen und vorbeirumpelnden Jeeps zu sein.

  • CHF 52.-1 / 3 taken

    Poster Alfa Romeoä

    Du erhältst einen 40x30cm Druck auf Hochglanz Papier. Mit einem Alfa Romeo 8C 1933 und einem Fiat G-50 in der Toskana, nummeriert und unterschrieben.
    Viva l'Italia!

  • CHF 80.-10 / 25 taken

    Comic with poster PC-7ä

    You will receive your signed, stamped and numbered comic along with the Swiss Air Force squadron PC-7 poster, drawn and signed by me. (Free shipping)

  • CHF 120.-10 / 10 taken

    «The desert falcon» anthologä

    You will receive the new anthology, which includes all five albums of the adventure, dated, stamped and signed.
    Language: German

  • CHF 240.-6 / 6 taken

    Comic with original drawingä

    You will get your signed stamped and numbered copy of the comic with an original drawing on a separate sheet.

  • CHF 240.-6 / 6 taken

    Comic with drawingä

    You will receive your «Tamed Gods» comic together with an original drawing on a separate piece of paper drawn in sepia tones.
    A WWII fighter plane of course! :-) (Free shipping)

  • CHF 260.-1 / 1 taken

    Drawing&postcards «Savoia»ä

    Hayao Miyazaky is the Walt Disney of Japan. For his cult film «Porco Rosso» he created a «Savoia» seaplane.
    The Japanese model building artist Shin Tanaka built a beautiful model of it and sent me the photograph. I drew it, now it's yours, along with a 9-piece deck of cards. (Free shipping)

  • CHF 480.-4 / 4 taken

    Pencildrawing of page 1ä

    Another absolute collector's item! Page 1 of «Tamed Gods» as a detailed pencil drawing in its original size. It is the template for the very first page of this new series. (Shipping CHF 30.-)

  • CHF 720.-1 taken

    Die Falknerin (Acryl auf Leinwand) ä

    Du erhältst das allererste Acrylgemälde meiner Kunstmaler Phase. Mir gefallen noch immer die angenehmen, zarten Wüstenfarben und das Panoramaformat von 85x40cm. Als Original ist es natürlich auf 1 Exemplar beschränkt. 👍