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  • CHF 50.-7 taken

    Sympathy giftä

    You just like the KEYBOARD DAYS KLOSTERS and you simply want to support it, but you are prevented from Easter 2020. Thank you!

  • CHF 100.-14 taken

    Concert supportä

    You want to attend a specific concert - but it's worth a little more than the ticket price. As a gift, there is - in addition to the ticket - a small nut cake by Marianne and Thomas from Klosters Kesslerhof!

  • CHF 200.-19 taken

    Two concerts with nut cakeä

    Two concerts did it to you, the extra charge is it worth in favor of the festival. In addition to the tickets you will get a nice nut cake from Marianne and Thomas from the Klosterser Kesslerhof!

  • CHF 300.-6 taken

    Three concerts + cake/cheeseä

    You want to visit three concerts of your choice, with the extra charge you can help the festival. You will get - besides the tickets - a nice nut cake and a piece of cheese from Marianne and Thomas from the Klosterser Kesslerhof!

  • CHF 400.-3 taken

    Day pass with fine thingsä

    Going to all the concerts for a whole day - that's the goal and also supporting the KEYBOARD DAYS. As a thank you we send you - in addition to the desired day pass - a salsiz and Klosters alp cheese in a bag of Marianne and Thomas from Klosters Kesslerhof!

  • CHF 500.-1 taken

    Two days with great Plättliä

    Die ganzen Ostern zwölf Konzerten geniessen und als Gönner/in auf der Liste sein. Per Post kommt - nebst dem 4-Tages-Pass - ein handgefertigtes Brettchen mit Klosterser Alpkäse, Trockenfleisch, Totenbeinli u.a. von Marianne und Thomas vom Klosterser Kesslerhof!

  • CHF 600.-6 taken

    Everything and ingredientsä

    Enjoy the whole Easter twelve concerts (including brunches!) And be a patron on the list. By post comes - in addition to the 4-day pass - a handmade board with Klosters alp cheese, dried meat, Totenbeinli u.a. by Marianne and Thomas from Klosterser Kesslerhof!

  • CHF 1’000.-1 taken

    Big support surplusä

    Not only to visit twelve concerts, enjoy the brunches and pick up as true patrons very big thanks. Of course, as a gift not only the 4-day passport, but on a special, handmade Holzplättli Klosters alp cheese, Röteli, dried meat including bag knife (!), Totenbeinli, everything from Marianne and Thomas from Klosters Kesslerhof!