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Back the project «The BETSB Project»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 10.- 0 takenä

    We’ll send you a postcard written with love! (This is included in all of the compensations below).

  • CHF 20.- 4 takenä

    We’ll send you a secret link to download a musical selection (specially made for you) of our own productions.

  • CHF 30.- 0 takenä

    You’ll get a great « BETSB » USB key with a musical selection (specially made for you) of our own productions on it.

  • CHF 50.- 8 takenä

    You’ll get a great « BETSB » USB key with a musical selection of our own productions on it as well as a « Thank You » video just for you.

  • CHF 75.- 5 takenä

    Get your « BETSB » limited edition T-Shirt designed by Dino Carasso.

  • CHF 100.- 12 takenä

    You want to get the « BETSB » limited edition T-Shirt designed by Dino Carasso as well as a great « BETSB » USB key? Here’s your chance!

  • CHF 130.- 0 takenä

    You want to get your «BETSB» limited edition T-shirt but can’t decide which color? Then order both colors right now for a reduced price!

  • CHF 150.- 2 / 20 takenä

    You love having a good meal? We do too. We invite you to eat with us in Bern on October 30. On the same occasion, we’ll give you a tour of our studio in Bern. Don’t wait too long, places are limited! :)

  • CHF 300.- 2 / 5 takenä

    You’ll get one of our exclusive productions (beat) especially composed for you. You’ll be able to use it for your next project.

  • CHF 500.- 1 / 1 takenä

    You’ve always wanted to record a song in a professional studio? Let us help you make this dream come true. We’ll take care of the recording, mixing and mastering of your song.

  • CHF 500.- 1 / 5 takenä

    You want to improve your abilities as a sound engineer (recording and mixing)? If you choose this compensation, you’ll get the opportunity to spend a day in the studio with The SoundBrothers and the singer Karolyn known for her work with the Swiss rapper « Stress ». Hurry up, places are limited! This workshop will take place on October 22nd.

  • CHF 700.- 1 / 3 takenä

    PRIVATE SHOWCASE!!! We’ll come to your place with singer Karolyn to make you experience a live acoustic concert in your living room! 30 minutes of exclusive music just for you and your guests! (Within 170km from Berne).

  • CHF 1’000.- 1 / 1 takenä

    We’ll produce, record and mix your next hit as well as send it to mastering! Now is the time to share your music with the world and we’ll help you do that!

  • CHF 2’500.- 0 / 2 takenä

    You’ve always dreamed of going to London? Moreover with a person of your choice? It’s now or never!
    This compensation includes:
    – 1 round-trip flight for two persons + travel expenses in London
    – 1 night in London
    – Your meals
    – And a tour of London with the coolest guides you’ve ever known!

  • CHF 10’000.- 0 / 1 takenä

    Spend 1 CRAZY WEEK with us in our studio in London! We’ll take care of all of your musical desires: recording, production, mixing, ... It’s up to you to decide what you need! We’ll also take care of your travel expenses in London and organise a place for you to stay for 6 nights!

  • CHF 25’000.- 0 takenä

    You simply love us!! <3
    So choose this pack, give us your personal information and make a wish!

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift