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  • EUR 9.-15 taken


    We send you Doña Raquels secret recipe for her unique, Latin American chocolate cake. It will make you the star of the next tea party – we promise! Our tip: The cake will get an extra touch of exclusivity with chocolate from El Ceibo, which you may add below.

  • EUR 18.-8 taken


    You’ll get snail mail! From La Paz, Bolivia, the highest city in the world! We send you a postcard with greetings from our journey and the members of El Ceibo – old style, with a stamp and hand written letters.

  • EUR 27.-24 taken


    You have decided to already discover one of the 40 flavours of chocolate. Great! We send you a delicious and exquisit bar of chocolate from the El Ceibo chocolate manufactory in El Alto. Enjoy!

  • EUR 36.-10 taken


    Your next movie night will be extra sweet thanks to our home made chocolate cookies with the extra chocolate touch. We will freshly bake them for you and send them in a lovely wrapping, just in case you want to share. Enjoy!

  • EUR 50.-22 taken


    You couldn’t know any better where your chocolate comes from: We send you a bar of the exquisite El Ceibo chocolate with a photo and personal dedication of a farmer who grew and harvested the cocoa your bar of chocolate is made from. Our tip: This piece of personally dedicated indulgence is a very nice gift, too.

  • EUR 72.-15 taken


    You are spoilt for choice: Which of the delicous El Ceibo cocolates will you taste first? We send you a potpourri of sweet chocolate samples to choose from. Enjoy!

  • EUR 100.-18 taken


    You are an official sponsor of our short documentary about the El Ceibo cooperatives first steps towards the Chocolate Road. You are a special guest to our VIP presentation of the documentary and your name will be mentioned in the name credits. Of course, you have your own space reserved among the partners on our website.

  • EUR 186.-9 taken


    Congratulations! You have adopted an El Ceibo cocoa tree! We will send you a photo of YOUR tree with your name band on it, personally dedicated to you by the family who will take care of YOUR cocoa tree. All «godparents» are of course invited to the VIP presentation of our short documentary – a green event of course.

  • EUR 252.-1 taken


    Bon appetit! We invite you to a home made, 3 course, Latin American dinner at our place. Paul, our expert for food & indulgence, will prepare a delicious meal for you and your plus-one.

  • EUR 490.-0 taken


    Let’s re-live our journey! We send you an exclusive foto album with pictures from the highlights of our trip to Bolivia and a personal dedication from the families of El Ceibo. And in order to enjoy it with all your senses, we add a playlist of our favourite Andean songs and a potpourri of sweet chocolate samples to choose from.

  • EUR 1.000.-0 / 4 taken


    You are now patron of our workshop and have acquired one of four exclusive patronages of the first inclusive workshop on intercultural communication in tourism on the way to creating the Chocolate Road. A space for your logo is reserved at the venue as well as among our partnes on our website. We send you an exclusive booklet with pictures of the workshops highlights, signed by the participants from El Ceibo, and a sweet potpourri of El Ceibo chocolate samples. Of course you are also invited as our special guest to the premiere of our short documentary, where your name will be mentioned in the name credits.

  • EUR 2.500.-0 / 2 taken


    You are joining us in Bolivia! You will accompany us on our first trip along the future Chocolate Road and have the chance to meet the farmers of El Ceibo in person. Be prepared for 4 days, 4,000 meters of difference in altitude, 40 falvours of chocolate and unique encounters with lovely people. We pay for your board and lodging.

  • EUR 4.500.-0 / 4 taken


    Congratulations! You have adopted one of the 4 sections of the Chocolate Road. This means that this part of the theme road will be named after you, or given a name of your choosing respectively – according to an old Latin American founders tradition. Of course we will take care of the respective signs and labels to be put up along the road and will document in film and foto all about your part of the Chocolate Road. You are our special guest at the presentation of the short documentary about the first steps on your part of the Chocolate Road. Your name in the name credits is our privilege.