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  • EUR 10.-4 / 15 taken


    SECRET MESSAGE // Get a secret message from the Kings. Exclusive and private.

  • EUR 15.-33 taken


    DOWNLOAD CODE // You receive the CD in the form of a high quality download on the day of its release.

  • EUR 25.-66 taken


    CD // You receive a CD and Erlkings-sticker by post signed by all four Kings themselves.

  • EUR 50.-15 taken


    CONCERT & DRINKS // Get 2 concert tickets and meet us for a drink before the concert. Check the concert dates on the left or contact us for further information. This and all further rewards include a signed CD!

  • EUR 70.-1 / 4 taken


    TUBA LESSON // Ever wondered how heavy a Tuba is and how your mouth feels blowing into it? Gabriel will give you a glimps into the wonders of his magnificent Tuba.

  • EUR 85.-2 / 5 taken


    BE THE DRUMMERS ASSISTANT // Be the drummers assistant in a concert for one or two songs. Feel the vibrations of a drum-set up close and live in concert!

  • EUR 100.-5 taken


    HANDWRITTEN POEM // Get one of Bryan’s translations handwritten on high quality paper. Also you’ll get a special print of the Erlkings Artwork by Jelio-Anton Stefanov.

  • EUR 200.-0 taken


    POKER NIGHT WITH THE ERLKINGS // This is the unique chance to win your money back! If you let us win we’ll play a short music set for you. Available in Vienna or any other towns on our tour schedule.

  • EUR 350.-0 taken


    POETIC TRANSLATION // Bryan our Lied-Singer will translate a german or italian poem, song or letter into english. Printed on high quality paper and recorded with Bryans voice.

  • EUR 500.-2 / 5 taken


    ARRANGE A SCHUBERT SONG // The Erlkings will arrange and dedicate a Schubert Song of your choice. Be sure to choose wisely from one of more than 600 compositions.

  • EUR 700.-0 / 3 taken


    BUSKING IN YOUR TOWN // You think that the people of your town/village need to hear more music on the streets? Get this package and we’ll go busking in your town! For further information please contact us directly.

  • EUR 1.100.-1 / 5 taken


    SMALL HOUSE CONCERT // We’ll come to your house and play a 50 minute Set of Schubert Songs with two or three people, depending on room size. A romantic fireplace, Voice, Cello & Guitar... For further information please contact us directly.

  • EUR 2.500.-0 / 5 taken


    CONCERT // Be aware: you’ll never get us as cheap as this again. We’ll play a whole concert in your living room, private venue, at your party or a company event. For further information please contact us directly.