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Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

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Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 10.-8 taken


    – THE ONLOOKER – You will receive full access to the private developer Towaga forum and be able to follow and react to the development of the game.

  • CHF 15.-6 taken


    -AMATEUR – Your name will appear in the game credits and on our website you will receive a pack + « THE ONLOOKER »

  • CHF 25.-16 taken


    – THE COMPULSIVE PLAYER – You will receive a password to download the game + a password to access a game which unlocks exclusive content, as well as all future DLC’s of the game.

  • CHF 35.-7 taken


    – BOOK MASTER – Bookseller You will receive Artbook «The Art of Towaga».

  • CHF 75.-9 taken


    – THE ART LOVER – You will receive by post numbered and signed illustration printed on high-quality paper. You will also receive our book «The art of Towaga» with your name in print in the thank you section of the book as well as the digital soundtrack of the game

  • CHF 120.-6 taken


    – THE SPECIAL GUEST – You will receive two invitations to the launch party of the game. Your name will appear in the game’s credits as a« Gold Contributor» and you will receive a bag full of goodies!

  • CHF 190.-5 / 9 taken


    – THE PASSIONATE – You will receive a deluxe (33cm x 38cm) numbered edition of our book «The art of Towaga» with a printed, personalized recognition of your contribution at the end of the book. You will also receive an abstract painting created especially for you by a number of Swiss artists.

  • CHF 350.-5 taken


    – THE SPONSOR – Become an official sponsor of Towaga. The logo of your company or organization will appear in the credits as an official sponsor. Your logo will appear in the partner category of our website. Reach hundreds of thousands of users !

  • CHF 420.-5 / 4 taken


    – JUNIOR PRODUCER – Become a Towaga producer! You will receive 1% of the gaming revenue during its first year of operation.

  • CHF 450.-4 / 4 taken


    -THE CREATIVE – You will be involved in the creation of Towaga ! Work with us to create a custom enemy, participate in our meetings to share your ideas for names for the spirits and spells + you will receive a pass sunnyside giving you access to our tutorials & resources. And as a bonus you will unlock full access to the forum Towaga, your messages will be highlighted by an exclusive color and you can participate in our meetings on the content additions !
    In addition you will be credited in the credits as being part of the production team of the game !

  • CHF 1’000.-1 / 3 taken


    - L’ÉTINCELANT – Vous deviendrez officiellement contributeur « Diamant » du projet, votre nom sera mis en avant dans la communication liée à Towaga et son actualité (générique, site, facebook etc.) Vous serez également invité à tous les évènements liés au projet et en bonus nous vous adresserons un remerciement unique et personnalisé à travers nos pages Facebook.

  • CHF 1’250.-3 / 3 taken


    – THE PRODUCER – Become a Towaga producer! You will receive 3% of the gaming revenue during its first year of operation.

  • CHF 3’750.-1 / 1 taken


    – PRODUCTEUR PLATINE – Devenez producteur platine de Towaga ! Vous recevrez 4% des bénéfices du jeu pendant sa première année de vente + 5% des bénéfices sur sa deuxième année de vente.

  • CHF 7’250.-1 / 1 taken


    – CONTRIBUTOR «DIAMON» – You will become diamond producer Towaga, you will receive percentages income first 3 years of operation of the game