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  • EUR 5.-0 taken

    Give us five!ä

    Du bist einer dieser Helden die im Untergrund agieren. Ruhm und Ehre bedeuten dir nichts. Trotzdem willst du das unterstützen, was du für richtig hältst. Auch dir möchten wir Danken. Lass uns deine Email-Adresse oder Telefonnummer da und wir schicken dir ganz subtil ein kurzes Danke und wahrscheinlich auch das ein oder andere ganz geheime Herz-Emoji.

  • EUR 10.-2 taken

    Just Try Toä

    Jede Hilfe zählt! Und jede Hilfe muss belohnt werden! Wir schicken dir unseren offiziellen Sticker, damit du dich immer an deine gute Tat erinnern kannst.

  • EUR 20.-4 taken

    One Small Festival At A Timeä

    With this contribution you will help us submit our film to a small festival. More people will be able to see our movie and we love you for that. That’s why we want to thank you in a personalized post on our social media sites.

  • EUR 50.-7 taken

    Let´s Make It Biggerä

    With this amount we will be able to submit «Try To» at a medium to large festival. We thank you not only with a social media shoutout, but you´ll also receive our official poster with your name in the credits.

  • EUR 100.-15 taken

    The Big Onesä

    With 100€ «Try To» will go to the big festivals. If our movie had success at a festival like Cannes or Raindance this would be huge. Because you are giving us this unbelieveable opportunity, we want you to be part of the team. Now your name has a place in the ending credits of our movie inbetween those of the crewmembers. Your generosity will be seen by hundreds of people and naturally you´ll also receive our poster.

  • EUR 250.-8 taken

    Macht Malä

    Now we are getting serious. This contribution means to us that we will be able to submit our film to several festivals, big and small. You got your name in the ending credits for sure and we´ll also speak about your greatness at every screening opportunity.

  • EUR 500.-5 taken

    Let´s Make It Worldwideä

    We want our film to be seen worldwide. With this show of generosity, you´ll lay the cornerstone for this endeavor. You already secured an ending credit and a mentioning of how cool you are at every festival. But we will add a cherry on top. Lead and Director will thank you personally and you´ll receive a little surprise gift from them.

  • EUR 1.000.-0 taken

    You Are The Captain Nowä

    A 1000€. You must be the most generous human being to ever exist. Thats why you are our executive producer now. Your name will be displayed on its own in our ending credits, right inbetween those of the director, main actor and director of photography.

  • EUR 1.500.-0 taken

    You are the big Captain nowä

    Im Prinzip dieselben Belohnungen, wie bei dem Betrag um 1000€, nur falls jemand anders auch 1000 Euro sponsert, stehst du über ihm oder ihr.

  • EUR 2.500.-0 taken

    Major Leagueä

    You are not only a supporter. You are not only a part of the team. You are the reason behind the success of our movie. You´ll receive all the rewards mentioned above, plus Director and Actor will invite you to a personal dinner.