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  • CHF 25.-4 / 20 taken

    Seeds from our Gardensä

    You will get a packet of seeds harvested from our permaculture gardens this year. We have seeds from our stunning calendula plants, as well as blue mallow. Both of these are healing plants with culinary uses as well. Are these plants new to you? No worries! We will also send you instructions and recipes.

  • CHF 50.-1 taken

    Herbal Tea Assortmentä

    You will recieve a selection of loose-leaf herbal teas harvested from our permaculture gardens. Enjoy a quiet moment with a refreshing peppermint tea, soothing chamomile or a healing blend from our medicinal herbs.

  • CHF 50.-6 taken

    Handmade Herbal Saltsä

    You will get a jar of handmade herbal salt from our own herb garden. Liven up your cooking and enjoy the natural flavor enhancement that herbal salts provide.

  • CHF 100.-4 / 20 taken

    Seedlings Boxä

    You will have a strong start in the gardening season with seedlings grown in our new dome greenhouse!
    The Seedlings Box will contain an assortment of seedlings grown from high-quality organic seedstock. An information sheet will help you to know more about the plants, growing conditions and uses.

  • CHF 180.-1 taken

    Permaculture Consultationä

    Start the 2022 gardening season off in a great way with our 2 hour personalized permaculture consultation.
    No garden is too small, so even if you are just keeping a few pots on the balcony, you can benefit from this great offer.

  • CHF 250.-0 taken

    Fresh Herbs Aboä

    From April to October you will get a monthly asortment of fresh herbs and edible flowers harvested from our permaculture gardens, delivered right to your door!
    Included is information about the herbs including suggestions for use. Each month will feature a different collection from our gardens.

  • CHF 300.-0 taken

    Food Preservation Courseä

    You will get to choose from a selection of our food preservation courses. We offer courses in fermentation, canning and herbal salts. All courses take place in the permaculture gardens, and make use of the harvest grown on site.

  • CHF 500.-2 taken

    Introduction to Permacultureä

    Are you curious to know more about permaculture? Our introduction to permaculture course will provide you not only with useful skills for your garden (no matter how small), but will also help you to see ways to make daily choices for a more sustainable lifestyle. This 2 day course takes place in the permaculture gardens, and includes hands-on experience as well.

  • CHF 650.-0 taken

    Private Dinner for 2ä

    You will get a private dinner for 2 in our beautifully renovated circus wagon. The dinner will feature vegetables, herbs and fruits grown in our permaculture gardens. Everything will be prepared by hand on-site.