Choose your reward

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

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Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 25.-19 taken

    CD simpleä

    I send you the CD after the release.

  • CHF 35.-18 taken

    CD signedä

    You will recieve the signed Album by post.

  • CHF 50.-9 taken

    CD «FLY» and Thanksä

    I will write you a personal thank-you card along with FLY!!

  • CHF 75.-1 taken

    2-CD packä

    You'll get my first album THE TOPOGRAPHY OF MY HEART and FLY of course with a personal thank-you card!

  • CHF 90.-2 taken


    This is for you if you’re a lady! You’ll recieve on top to FLY and TOPOGRAPHY a surprise CD along with a personal thank-you card!

  • CHF 95.-2 taken

    Organic Merch Packä

    You'll get an organic «FLY» T-Shirt a special edition by from Basel, Switzerland and also our fair and in EU produced CD «FLY» with fair and locally made music :-)

  • CHF 140.-2 / 7 taken


    You'll recieve on top of «Lady-Surprise» a special glittering gift made by me!

  • CHF 150.-1 / 15 taken

    2-CD pack & Artä

    You'll recieve our two albums «The Topography of my heart» and FLY, with a thank-you card painted especially for you!

  • CHF 150.-5 / 5 taken

    3 CD packä

    You'll get all our three albums: THE TOPOGRAPHY OF MY HEART, FEEL IT ALL and FLY with a thank-you card!!

  • CHF 190.-0 / 5 taken

    3 CD pack & FLY T-Shirtä

    All abums and a personal thank-you-card are included, and a FLY - T-Shirt in your size!

  • CHF 500.-1 / 3 taken

    seat of honorä

    Because you’re very generous you’ll get a free entrance to one of our concerts and of course the best seat! And surely all of our three CDs!

  • CHF 750.-1 / 5 taken

    FLY & sing out loudä

    You are really generous and love to sing? You get 4 singing lessons in Luzern with tea and cookies! And the signed FLY!

  • CHF 999.-0 / 3 taken

    FLY & Art from the Heartä

    You love music and arts?
    You'll recieve FLY, a thank you card especially painted for you by me, and one of my paintings of your choice in a print on canvas.

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 2 taken

    Benefactor - concertä

    You are really into supporting artist!! You will recieve all 3 albums,
    and a Duo - Concert by me and one of my bandmembers, to an occassion of your choice.