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  • CHF 3.-2 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    you are my friend on Facebook! Thank you for the support! I’ll put you on the special thanks list! :)

  • CHF 5.-3 / 100 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Get your name on the credit list! that’s your kick on to be a producer!

  • CHF 10.-9 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Win a picture from the making of the film and your name in the producers list!

  • CHF 25.-5 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Win a short skype conversation with the director about the project! andreiamarfoaie on skype! add me and let’s talk!

  • CHF 40.-6 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Win a short video from the film! I’ll cut out 15 seconds of the film and send it to you!

  • CHF 60.-4 / 20 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    You will be in the movie answering the question: Who was Tzara? Film yourself with your phone, send it to me at and I’ll put you in the film! You’ll get your name in the cast list and you’ll be invited to the premiere of the film in your country!

  • CHF 120.-2 / 50 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Want to have your won personal Tzara video-poem? Win a special video of your favourite Tzara text interpreted by a Romanian artist and sent to you via mail in a nice dvd envelope!

  • CHF 300.-0 / 10 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Curious about Romania? Win DVD copy of the film along with an invitation in Bucharest at the director’s apartment for a weekend! You’ll get to see where Tzara went to school, where he founded Simbolul magazine and have a glince of Romanian taste :)