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Back the project «Yaye's Soundsystem»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 5.- Spin that back! 2 takenä

    Spin that back!

    You’re part of Yaye’s Ethiopian Soundsystem Crew aka you get guestlist in Yaye's township concerts for life. How many of your friends can make that claim?

  • CHF 10.- Hear mi now! 10 takenä

    Hear mi now!

    Not only are you part of Yaye’s Ethiopian Soundsystem Crew and get guestlist for Yaye’s township concerts for life, you will also receive an MP3 recording of Yaye's first concert in the village.

  • CHF 50.- See mi now! 6 takenä

    See mi now!

    Soundsystem crew member, MP3 listener, and if you visit Addis Ababa, you get a small farm tour by Yaye and you'll meet some locals!

  • CHF 100.- Feed mi now! 5 takenä

    Feed mi now!

    If you visit Addis, Yaye will give you the big tour around his farm and his mum will cook wonderful injera for you. Of course you're invited to the concerts and you will receive MP3 recordings in the meantime.

  • CHF 500.- Pull up, Playaaa! 2 takenä

    Pull up, Playaaa!

    You become a Soundsystem God and if you visit Addis Ababa, you’ll get a major citytour, a farmtour, dinner and of course concert guestlist for life. Of course you’ll get some MP3 comfortably in your inbox. Reeewind!

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift