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  • CHF 10.-2 taken


    Ask us any questions you have! Or just say hello :)

  • CHF 20.-3 taken

    Voucher 20 chfä

    Get a voucher for our online shop worth 20 chf.

  • CHF 30.-20 taken

    10 Recipes from Lombokä

    Get an e-book with our 10 favorite recipes for traditional dishes from Lombok.

  • CHF 50.-6 taken

    Voucher 50 chfä

    Get a voucher for our online shop worth 50 chf.

  • CHF 50.-8 taken

    Bamboo Straw Setä

    Receive our set of 4 bamboo straws including straw brush and small cotton bag. In addition, there is a smoothie recipe for every day of the week. Because «A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away»!

  • CHF 70.-0 taken

    Lombok Guideä

    Get an orientation map with our favorite places. We will also give you the important phrases in Bahasa and Sasak so that you don't immediately stand out as a tourist in your Lombok circles ;). See where we enjoyed the sunset and negotiate the price like a professional ;)

  • CHF 80.-4 taken

    Your bamboo strawsä

    You get 10 pieces of bamboo straws with your name, date of birth or your slogan lasered as you wish.

  • CHF 90.-8 taken

    Personalized coconut bowlä

    Receive a Coconut Bowl in original design (polished). You will receive the matching spoon made of Coconut wood. We will have your Coconut Bowl engraved with your name, date of birth or slogan.

  • CHF 100.-4 taken

    Voucher 100 chfä

    Get a voucher for our online shop worth 100 chf.

  • CHF 100.-1 taken

    Mention on our websiteä

    To those friendly sponsors, who contribute to this reward, we will say thank you and mention them by name on the new crowdfunding community page on our website

  • CHF 100.-6 taken

    Personal Coconut Cutlery Setä

    Get our Coconut Cutlery Set with napkin, bamboo straw, straw brush, fork, spoon, knife and cotton bag. We will have your cotton bag printed as you wish.

  • CHF 150.-1 taken

    Voucher 150 chfä

    Get a voucher for our online shop worth 150 chf.

  • CHF 150.-3 taken

    Body Care Kit - 1 yearä

    During 1 year (every 3 months) we send you our sustainable body care kit of 1 bamboo toothbrush, 1 organic soap and 1 loofah sponge. We take care of everything :)

  • CHF 200.-0 / 10 taken

    Wallhanger - Sasak Storyä

    This wall decoration was hand-woven by the women of the community in Ende. It tells the history and culture of the Sasak villagers. The hanger was made of a bamboo and the string of banana leaves. A more detailed description, story telling of the wall decoration and a qualitative photo gallery of the hand weaving are included.

  • CHF 400.-2 taken

    Personalized Family Packageä

    Receive 6 Coconut Bowls, 6 Coconut Forks, 6 Coconut Spoons and 6 Bamboo Straws. The Coconut Bowls and straws will be engraved with the name of the family member. So everybody has his own bowl and straw, so nobody will fight over it ;)

  • CHF 500.-1 taken

    Your bamboo straw setsä

    Get 30 Bamboo Straw Sets (4 straws + 1 brush) and personalize the cotton bag with your own logo or name.

  • CHF 1’000.-2 taken

    1000 bamboo straws with logoä

    We personalize 1'000 pcs. Bamboo straws with your logo for your cafe, restaurant, shop or company. This way we help the craftsmen in Lombok and the environment. Additionally, you will receive a photo with a craftsman from Lombok with a personal thank you.

  • CHF 1’500.-0 / 5 taken

    Your Lombok experienceä

    If you are drawn to Lombok yourself, this package is for you. Get 5 nights in a double room in the homestay of our nice host family, get a cooking course for 2 persons with our favourite cook & friend Nana and 1 surf lesson for 2 persons with our friend Zul. Our good friend Yoga invites you to his village community END. You will also learn the art of hand weaving and have coffee with his grandmother. PS: she loves to be photographed. She probably asks you if you want to take a picture with her :)