What is it about?

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COVID-19 has hit the whole world hard. In Lombok many locals live from selling their handmade products to tourists and travelers. But what happens when these tourists and travelers are not allowed to enter the country anymore?

We were in Lombok for six months. We saw how whole communities had to give up their craft and how they tried to survive. Without their income of tourism.

In other parts of the world, many shops started offering their products online but in these remote parts of Indonesia, the villagers have no access to Internet so there are no alternatives for selling their handmade goods.

We made close friends with many locals and started together «Sasak Market». By selling online, we secure their income and thus the survival of their traditional craft. Additionally, we encourage Indonesia and the rest of the world to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

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How we can help


We give the artisans back the possibility to continue their valuable work. With our modest financial resources, our heart and soul and many hours of work, we established an online shop that financed the work of 20 artisans for the last six months. With every sale we contribute to the continuation of the traditional craft.


COVID-19 is not the first environmental catastrophe Lombok has to suffer from. Two years ago, in August 2018 an earthquake shattered the whole island. It destroyed many buildings and made all the tourists leave the island. Lombok was just recovering from that tragedy when COVID-19 happened. We want to offer the artisans an income, that is not depending on tourism that much anymore. With our online sales we will give them a long-term security and a more stable income.


All the people who can’t travel to Indonesia will have access to the unique products that would usually only be available when visiting these places. As soon as those, who buy them, can unpack the beautiful handmade products, a part of Lombok enters their home.


All products are of course handmade, 100% from natural materials, plastic-free and vegan. We support the artisans and protect our environment. All products are sustainable and an enrichment for every environmentally conscious household.

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Why we need your support


We founded our online shop in May 2020 and by investing our own money we could already send some products to Europe and occupy about 20 artisans. With your support we can continue our work and include more locals into our project.


We make sure to work with artisans from small communities that have limited income sources. With the crowdfunding we can help these communities by providing a platform that creates work and income. 15’000.- CHF will occupy the previous 20 artisans and 20 more for 6 months.


COVID-19 largely affected transportation and increased the shipping costs. To be able to keep sharing these products with fair prices for everyone we need to invest in the production and shipping of big quantities. 3’000.- CHF will cover the shipping costs to Europe.


To make people know about Lombok and their amazing products we need to improve our online visibility and invest in better IT. 1’500.- CHF will give us the possibility to improve our website and use necessary marketing tools.

If we get more than the expected goal of 19’500CHF, we will be happy to occupy even more artisans for a longer period. We already have many ideas of how we can create more work and bring many more sustainable products into the World. Please support our campaign and also get yourself one of our authentic rewards :)

Special Thanks to Johanna & Marco Decurtins for their amazing support since the beginning of Sasak Market.

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