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Back the project «About the end and beginning»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • EUR 5.- Thank you Postcard - Logo 0 takenä

    Thank you Postcard - Logo

    You will receive a thank you postcard with our beautiful simple logo on it.

  • EUR 5.- Thank you postcard - art 1 takenä

    Thank you postcard - art

    You will receive a thank you postcard, with Pilars painting on the front. Like fresh from the museum shop;)

  • EUR 10.- Polaroid Paul and Nora 3 takenä

    Polaroid Paul and Nora

    A Polaroid of our two actors. Created as part of the shoot.

  • EUR 10.- Movie Digital 3 takenä

    Movie Digital

    After the international premiere you will receive from us a «secret link», with which you can preview the film online.

  • EUR 10.- Screenplay Digital 2 takenä

    Screenplay Digital

    Do not worry, you don´t have to write down the text for possible break ups: we'll send you the separation template Digital. Just joking - take a look at the written story of Paul and Nora.

  • EUR 15.- Soundtrack - Digital 6 takenä

    Soundtrack - Digital

    We will send you Lisa’s exclusive Soundtrack Digital. Something you can not even Spotify offer. Lisa’s music always sounds good: in the case of the sentimental, while working, people dance through the apartment.

  • EUR 20.- Screenplay bound 4 takenä

    Screenplay bound

    You love beautiful words? Well! We have a lot of it, beautifully tied together for you in a touching story.

  • EUR 25.- Poster painting 2 - small 2 takenä

    Poster painting 2 - small

    A painting that captures the moment of separation of a couple. Which illustrates the physical turmoil. Let it become yours.

  • EUR 25.- Poster painting 1 - small 1 takenä

    Poster painting 1 - small

    You will receive a poster in size A4, on which you will see a painting on the subject of «Young Love».

  • EUR 30.- Jute bag painting 11 takenä

    Jute bag painting

    Pilar's painting wants to see the world! Please help her and at the same time become a fashion icon.

  • EUR 35.- DVD of the finished film 6 takenä

    DVD of the finished film

    After the premiere event and the first film screenings you will receive from us a lovingly and professionally produced DVD of the film. The movie will be yours.

  • EUR 35.- Poster Painting 2 - Large 1 takenä

    Poster Painting 2 - Large

    A break-up moment. Two bodies blurring into each other. Painted and printed on a poster for you. To the right view - size A3.

  • EUR 35.- Poster Painting 1 - Large 1 takenä

    Poster Painting 1 - Large

    A painting; Color paired with brush strokes that tell a story. For your home. Very big - A3.

  • EUR 40.- Poster with dedication 4 takenä

    Poster with dedication

    With your name to a single piece: You receive the official movie poster, with a personally issued dedication from us!

  • EUR 40.- Soundtrack - Vinyl 5 takenä

    Soundtrack - Vinyl

    If you want to be enchanted and be touched while doing laundry: With Lisa’s music as a vinyl record, we’ll make it happen!

  • EUR 50.- Project portfolio 4 takenä

    Project portfolio

    Our project portfolio (to see on the website), is nice to look at and even more beautiful to flip through. Hand made! As project summary she receives all information, ideas and suggestions. Our little guide has been one of our core pieces since the beginning!

  • EUR 70.- Vinyl with painting cover 4 takenä

    Vinyl with painting cover

    You like to listen to some moving music? And you like to hang the music on the wall? Pilars imprinted vinyl sleeve is suitable for every room. And Lisa's music is best heard everywhere anyway.

  • EUR 100.- Your name, our credits 2 takenä

    Your name, our credits

    As a thank you for your generosity, we perpetuate your name in the credits, so in the movie. As a thank you from us, as a reminder for you, and to show your generosity to friends.

  • EUR 300.- Team Premiere 0 takenä

    Team Premiere

    You want to see the finished movie sooner than everyone else on the screen? And get to know the team behind it - no problem. As a thank you for this support we invite you to our private team premiere.

  • EUR 700.- Credit as co-producer 1 takenä

    Credit as co-producer

    More than just a thank you. A recognition.

    With this support you help to raise the film project to another level and to promote it in a big way.

    You become part of the team. In the credits you will be named as co-producer.

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift