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Back the project «Agriturismo L'UPUPA »

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • CHF 30.- Grazie mille! 8 takenä

    Grazie mille!

    You will receive an old-fashioned limited edition L’UPUPA postcard in the mail.

  • CHF 40.- Your L'UPUPA impression 3 takenä

    Your L'UPUPA impression

    You will receive a personalized virtual tour of our antique olive farm.

  • CHF 70.- L'UPUPA Olive Wood Coaster 6 takenä

    L'UPUPA Olive Wood Coaster

    As a thank you, you will receive five L’UPUPA olive wood coasters (those things you put under your glass so you don’t stain your table). They are hand-made by us and have a beautiful emblem on it. All the wood we use for these are cut offs from our bi-annual rimonda (rejuvenating of our trees).

  • CHF 90.- Olive Oil Taster Package 13 / 24 takenä

    Olive Oil Taster Package

    Get a taste of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and receive a 0.25l bottle of L'UPUPA Extra Virgin Olive Oil with wild olives. To round off your experience you will receive two bags of Olive Leaf Tea to invigorate your mornings and a pack of bay leaves. All products are from our own farm.

  • CHF 150.- Salentino Delicacy Hamper 18 / 36 takenä

    Salentino Delicacy Hamper

    You will receive a hamper full of Salentino delicacies. This includes a half-liter bottle of our award-winning L’UPUPA Extra Vergine Olive Oil, homemade dried figs, local dried herbs from our farm, olive tea and a small surprise. Enjoy!

  • CHF 250.- *** Silk Obi Purse 3 / 10 takenä

    *** Silk Obi Purse

    You will receive a handmade bag made from Japanese silk. The fabric has been reused from an Obi (belt part of the Kimono) to create these unique bags (see photos at the bottom of this page). Each bag is different and we'll do a first come first pick basis.

  • CHF 280.- *** Weekend Escape for two 1 takenä

    *** Weekend Escape for two

    If you want to experience an old-school Italy, you have to come to Salento. Stay 3 nights on our Agri-Camping. Picture yourself immersed within olive trees, singing cicadas and a stone throw away from the turquoise waters of the Ionian sea. We’ll welcome you with an Apéro under the olive tree and a tour of the farm and olive oil tasting are optional. Time to relax and enjoy. Offer for 2 people.

  • CHF 350.- L'UPUPA Olive Oil 2 / 10 takenä

    L'UPUPA Olive Oil

    You will receive a whole box of our very own L'UPUPA Extra Virgin Olive Oil (six half-liter bottles). You can create personalized labels as a gift for friends or colleagues or for yourself of course. You will also receive a selection of Salentinian herbs (such as the famous «Mama’s chilli») to spice up your cooking experience. Additional overseas shipping charges may apply.

  • CHF 450.- Adopt an olive tree 11 takenä

    Adopt an olive tree

    Our olive trees need your help. With your contribution we will be able to better care for our olive trees, we can set up irrigation for more trees, and give them additional organic fertilization. You will receive a liter of olive oil from your very own olive tree for three years and a photo for your memory. In your honour we will install a plaque with your name on it at the bottom of the olive tree. PS. You have visiting rights to come see your olive tree.

  • CHF 490.- *** Travel Bugs for families 3 takenä

    *** Travel Bugs for families

    If you are traveling in Italy, Salento is a must? Sandy beach life, cliff jumping and markets in the nearby villages are waiting for you. If you like this, this one is for you and your family/friends. Stay with us for 3 nights on the Agri-Camping and enjoy. You will be welcomed with an Apéro and you are invited to a famous homemade Pasta Pesto dinner with veggies from the garden. Offer for up to 5 people.

  • CHF 950.- Romantic weekend in Salento 1 takenä

    Romantic weekend in Salento

    Spend a romantic long weekend in beautiful Italy to indulge in the tastes of Salento. You will stay three nights in our studio, including a candle light dinner served on the rooftop overlooking the sea. Breakfast is served on your private terrace in the morning sun. We will invite you on an Apéro under an olive tree, where you can learn about the world of olive oil. A tour of our farm is included. For activities we have the option to go on a canoe tour to the local grotto or stroll through Santa Maria di Leuca. Offer is for two people, breakfasts and candle light dinner included.

  • CHF 1’100.- Agri-Camping holidays 1 takenä

    Agri-Camping holidays

    You are invited to stay on our Agri-Camping for a whole week. The small bathhouse is ready for you, power and water connections installed and the grass is cut. We'll prepare an Apéro with an Olive Oil tasting for you and your family/friends. After the Apéro we will serve you a private dinner on our roof top terrace with views over the sea. My mother creates wonderful delicacies (like no one else I may add) with our own produce and local products. Included is a tour of our Azienda with Giorgio to show you its beautiful history and to introduce you to our project. This offer is for up to five people.

  • CHF 1’400.- Time-Out in our studio 8 takenä

    Time-Out in our studio

    You will spend a one-week holiday in our studio apartment with your friend, your partner or small family. The studio is a perfect getaway, with private terrace and entrance, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Same as the camping option, we will invite you to an Apéro and dinner on our rooftop terrace. We’ll hold a produce conservation and preparation workshop one afternoon, where we show you with seasonal vegetables new techniques and ideas. This offer is for two adults and two kids.

  • CHF 2’500.- Make your own Olive Oil 0 / 4 takenä

    Make your own Olive Oil

    For two days in October we will explore together the world of olive oil. We will show you the antique way of production and the newer techniques. We will spend a day harvesting olives, going to the olive press and you will produce your very own olive oil. At the end of the course you will be able to take home a box of L'UPUPA Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This offer is for two people and includes a week Agri-Camping on our farm during the workshop.

    This workshop will be held during harvesting season in October. Exact dates will be confirmed.

  • CHF 2’900.- Spend the winter in Salento 0 / 10 takenä

    Spend the winter in Salento

    Would you like to escape the cold winters of the North? We offer a long-term camping spot for three months, where you can put your caravan, tiny home or your motorhome.
    Included is: water connection, power and an optional small vegetable garden. We will set up your garden for your arrival with a selection of seasonal veggies and you will be responsible of taking care of your plot for the rest of your stay. We will show you some gardening tips and tricks, hold a wild vegetable workshop and show you how to use your vegetables and preserve them. Wintertime is a wonderful time to visit the region Salento and to do sports, biking, hiking and paddling.

  • CHF 3’500.- Holiday in in our villa 0 takenä

    Holiday in in our villa

    You will stay for one week in our villa and enjoy the Salento in complete comfort! Our villa is perfectly integrated within ancient olive trees, fruit trees and the beautifully sculptured landscape of Salento. It offers total comfort while you start every day with wonderful sea views. The villa accommodates comfortably 6 adults, and up to three children.
    Option to go on a city tour of Otranto, Lecce or Gallipoli, have an Apéro under the olive tree and discover together the antique farm culture of Salento. We will show you old hiking trails along the coast, the markets in the nearby towns or hold an afternoon workshop to learn about the cooking in Salento.

  • CHF 10’000.- All inclusive Luxury Package 0 takenä

    All inclusive Luxury Package

    We are determined to spoil you on your holiday! We would like to invite you to stay in our Studio for one week, breakfast and dinner included. My mother is a fantastic cook, she blends Japanese and Italian cuisine and creates delicious delights like no one else. During the day we will explore the Salento with optional day trips to visit nearby attractions, explore the Adriatic coastline and we’ll show you the hidden gems by foot, bike, canoe or boat. You will also take home a box of L’UPUPA Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • CHF 16’330.- Fiat 500 - Cinquecento 0 / 1 takenä

    Fiat 500 - Cinquecento

    Photo in News.
    24 Flash Sale. We are serious about our olive trees and for your contribution you get a Fiat 500. Oldtimer from 1971. Trustworthy vehicle with 5 seats. No seatbelts, but you can't drive faster than 43 mph anyway. Has lights and brakes. Interior has no plastic. Shipping not included. Get in touch before you buy!

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