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  • CHF 40.-119 taken

    Pizza & Vino for 1ä

    You like the idea but are hesitant to commit. Have a sourdough pizza with a glass of hand-picked Italian natural wine of your choice. We also have a list of fantastic conventional wines if you’re not that into raw wine.

  • CHF 60.-15 taken

    Pizza recipe & masterclassä

    This masterclass contains a detailed breakdown of the pizza-baking process and is divided into carefully curated modules, including starting a sourdough culture, choosing the right flour, how to handle different levels of hydration and of course, how to bake the pies in various ovens. You will also have access to our private Slack community where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions related to baking pizza. Don't live close by? No problem! Carmine will share his recipe with you and teach you how to make sourdough pizza from scratch from the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • CHF 70.-10 / 10 taken

    Alba’s Illustrationsä

    Welcome Alba’s ray of sunlight into your home. Purchase one of Andrina Schmid’s (ZHDK) unique limited edition watercolor drawings. Shipping and a special thank you note is included.

  • CHF 80.-6 / 12 taken

    Pizza Hawaii reloadedä

    We understand the controversy surrounding Pizza Hawaii, but what if we told you web’ve created one so delicious you won’t be able to resist? You want to be the first one to try it? Purchase an exclusive pre-opening tasting of our creation and let us know what you think! This offer includes our signature dessert (buffalo milk soft-serve), natural-wine and water.

  • CHF 110.-12 taken

    NEW! Alba Aperitivo - Lightä

    We know that investing 980 CHF for an aperitivo for life-package is a lot of money for some of you. That’s why we decided to introduce an aperitivo package light. You won’t be able to enjoy the cocktail of your choice (such as Negroni or Espresso Martini) forever, but you will still have the opportunity to enjoy 10 Negronis at the price of 110 CHF. You will receive a loyalty card you can use with your friends whenever you want, and the card is not limited to your name.

    In addition to this package, you will also get a key-chain made from the material we are using to build parts of our restaurant. It is made out of plastic from the fashion industry and industrial plastic from larger sports events.

  • CHF 150.-33 taken

    Pizza masterclassä

    We believe that learning is more fun and impactful when we get to feel and work on the dough together. In this exclusive in-house training, our head-pizzaiolo Carmine will share all the secrets necessary to baking the perfect sourdough pizza at home. The session will be followed by a complimentary pizza and wine. Included in this package is the sourdough masterclass and access to our private Slack community where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions related to baking pizza.

  • CHF 250.-34 taken

    Date Night (incl. beverages)ä

    Treat your better half or your bestie for a cheeky date night at Alba. Included in this offer are welcome cocktails, a bottle of wine of your choice, starters, two sourdough pizzas and dessert.

  • CHF 480.-9 / 30 taken

    Personalized Alba chairä

    Want to be part of the Alba family forever? Have your name engraved in one of our chairs in our restaurant. In addition, you will receive a dinner for two (see Date Night for 2) where you can sit on your personalized throne.

  • CHF 600.-3 taken

    Karla Sutra Tiles & Ceramicsä

    Our brand illustrations were carefully drawn by Karla Sutra, a well-known French artist focusing on tile and ceramic art. With this package you will receive six personalized tiles that you can either use as coasters or as decoration, as well as six personalized plates. In addition, you will get an exclusive dinner for two (incl. wine).

  • CHF 980.-4 / 25 taken

    Aperitivo for Life (for 2)ä

    Enjoy one daily Negroni or beverage of your choice forever for you and your plus one! This is the perfect reward for all those who cherish a cultivated cocktail culture with their partners, friends or Tinder dates. You will receive your personalized Alba-Aperitivo pass (±1) and enjoy this perk for the rest of your life. Included in this package are two personalized Karla Sutra tiles.

    Quick calculation: 980CHF / 15 CHF price= 65 negronis for two people!

  • CHF 2’400.-1 taken

    Alba Date Night for Lifeä

    Enjoy 4 dinner dates per year, for life (for 2 people). That’s right, you get 4 meals for you and your date with no expiry date (incl. 1 bottle of wine, 2 pizzas, 2 starters or dessert). You will also receive six personalized Karla Sutra plates.

  • CHF 3’500.-1 taken

    Alba Dinner Party for 20ä

    Do you want to have an unforgettable night with your friends or colleagues? Our exclusive dinner party package allows you to enjoy a cheeky evening at Alba and is perfect for birthday celebrations, work events, or family functions. This package includes a set menu incl. starters, sourdough pizza and dessert. You will enjoy free-flow wine and Negronis.

  • CHF 5’000.-0 taken

    Exclusive Alba-Pizza Partyä

    Are you known for hosting warm summer day parties on your terrace? Do you dream of having a dedicated pizza station at your next party? With our portable ovens and stationary pizza station, we can bake our sourdough pizzas right at your location for up to 50 people. This includes setup and cleanup as well as our Alba-Negroni tower. Included in this package is a set of six personalized Alba plates and six Alba tiles that you can use as coasters (6 shipped to your home and one thoughtfully placed in our restaurant).