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  • CHF 33.-26 taken

    Winds Of Changeä

    This olive oil soap is from the market in Athens near our AMINA Centre. With your donation you contribute to change – for the women who fight harder than we do. May the winds of change bring the sent of AMINA right into your heart.

  • CHF 55.-21 taken

    Ci Vorrebbe un amicoä

    Made for you with love by the women from our AMINA Centre: our little SAO-friendship ribbon. It is a sign of connection. And don't we all need friends?

  • CHF 111.-1 taken

    La Vie En Roseä

    We may never forget: all refugee women who come to AMINA Centre had a life before war and escape. They had names, houses, jobs, duties. With your contribution we seek to give them a little bit of hope and horizon. For your donation you get our SAO postcards with pictures from AMINA Centre, taken by Myrto Papadopoulos and Thalina Karpouzi.

  • CHF 111.-2 / 20 taken

    Simply The Bestä

    «Dead Miliy» is kind of our SAO house band: these three young women rock the stage at our annual charity matinee at MOODS Jazz Club on November 18. They just finished their first EP. You'll get this EP, because we do not only want to say «Thank you!» for your donation, but also: You are simply the best.

  • CHF 111.-18 / 20 taken

    Times They Are A-Changinä

    Filmmaker Markus Imhoof wrote Swiss Film history with «The Boot is Full» (Academy Award Nomination in 1982). His new documentary «Eldorado» about the refugee drama in the Mediterranean Sea is Switzerland’s Contribution for the Oscar’s 2019. Markus Imhoof is as engaged as successful («More Than Honey»!) and he is giving you one of his «Eldorado»-DVD, because you are part of the change.

  • CHF 155.-20 / 30 taken

    Über Den Wolkenä

    SAO goes high - with you! Peter Gamma und Gamma Catering invite us for an Apero at the exclusive Club Restaurant HAUTE in Zurich. And SAO-Founder Raquel Herzog will answer your questions in this circle of SAO friends. Let's take off and create wings for AMINA together.

  • CHF 155.-30 taken

    Here Comes The Sunä

    We send you a little sunshine from Greece! You will get a bottle of Greek oliv oil you cannot buy anywhere. It was produced by a cooperative of women oliv farmers. And in addition to the oil we will send you our SAO postcards with pictures of AMINA.

  • CHF 222.-12 taken

    That's What Friends Are Forä

    Our SAO community needs you! With this special membership you become a «SAO Angel» and help AMINA to fly on special wings. Our normal membership fee is 100 SFR or 100 Euro. With this «crowdfunding membership» you add a remarkable contribution on top of it.

  • CHF 444.-7 / 10 taken

    Ich Schänke Dir Mis Herzä

    Meta Hildebrand is inviting you and SAO for lunch at her best known Restaurant «Le Chef». Among friends SAO-Founder Raquel Herzog will speak exclusively about our work and about the life of the women from AMINA Centre. Be part of this unique moment!

  • CHF 666.-0 / 3 taken


    Friends of SAO Nr. 5: «En Schieber mit em Roman??» We are apologize to our non Swiss Dialect speaking friends... This first sentence is intranstlatable. But anyway. Romand Kilchsperger is a well known and loved TV and Radio host and has been moderating a TV-Show about and playing a traditional Swiss Card game, called: Jass. Anyway: We are more than excited that Roman agreed to play «en Jass» with three people who donate to SAO with this crowdfunding. Cool.

  • CHF 666.-1 / 1 taken

    We Are The Championsä

    Friends of SAO Nr. 4: David Allemann, founder of «On Running» is inviting you backstage at ON, you’ll meet a team leader and are allowed to choose a pair of running shoes! By your contribution you’ll become a true SAO champion.

  • CHF 666.-1 / 1 taken

    Mamma Miaä

    Friends of SAO Nr. 3: Isabela Gygax has a MAS in Creative Design, worked (hard!) in Couture-Ateliers in Paris – and when she is moving out of an apartment, her several sewing machines of course have to go with her. For SAO she will design and sew a bespoke pair of trousers, a shirt or a skirt.

  • CHF 666.-1 / 1 taken

    My Heart Will Go Onä

    Friends of SAO Nr. 2: Stylist and image consultant Clifford Lilley likes people – and you will like him! He is offering you his time, taste and know-how during a personal coaching.

  • CHF 666.-1 / 1 taken

    Good Morning, Starshineä

    Friends of SAO Nr. 1: Astrologer Monica Kissling is known everywhere in Switzerland as «Madame Etoile». She will check heaven, sun, moon and stars and - on a more serious note - time quality for you in a personal coaching.

  • CHF 3’333.-0 / 3 taken

    My Wayä

    Bernhard Russi is our «Friend of SAO - Special de Luxe». And we were as touched as happy when he confirmed to be part of this crowdfunding adventure with SAO. Bernhard Russi is a Swiss Ski legend, known all over the world as former athlete, as expert, as tv commentator and as designer of ski runs for Olympic Games and World Championships. But above all he is a great and respected personality – someone who went his way. Bernhard Russi’s offer for you: You can play golf together with him in Andermatt! If that’s YOUR flight, make AMINA fly!

  • CHF 9’999.-1 / 1 taken

    Purple Rainä

    Die wunderbare Künstlerin Pipilotti Rist ist unser «Friend of SAO from heaven»: Sie lässt mit ihrer Unterstützung gewissermassen etwas «Purple Rain» auf SAO und unser AMINA regnen. Das macht glücklich. Und wenn Du möchtest, kommt dieser «Purple Rain» zu Dir – als Überraschung. Man könnte es einen «Dankesbrief» nennen, aber wenn Pipilotti Rist einen Dankesbrief schickt, dann kommt dieser nicht in einem Couvert, sondern in einem Bilderrahmen und hat vielleicht eine Zeichnung drin oder ein Foto, wer weiss? Was wir sicher wissen: Pipilotti Rist macht ihn extra für Dich und er wird ein Unikat sein. Schön, nicht wahr?