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  • CHF 25.-4 taken

    Just thank youä

    Any support is valuable. Your name will definitely appear in the credits.

  • CHF 50.-9 taken

    Increase visibilityä

    With this donation you support the online presence for «Guilty». Thanks to you, we will be able to further develop our film landing page and set up and run our social media channels exclusively for Guilty. Thanks to your help, we are gradually expanding our visibility. We would like to thank you with a thank you message via Facebook for private individuals and companies.

  • CHF 100.-11 taken

    History as an experienceä

    With your donation, we will provide the necessary print material and design information material for the fundraising events. So that the participants in Zurich, Basel and Bern can travel 100 years back in time. In return, you will receive an official Guilty film poster from us, of course with your name in the credits - including a thank you message on Facebook and our website.

  • CHF 150.-2 taken

    A journey through timeä

    Your support enables us to hold information events and fundraising campaigns for the film «Guilty» in Zurich, Basel and Bern.
    In return, after the completion of our docudrama, you will receive the Guilty DVD signed by the director Haci Orman - including an acknowledgement on Facebook and our website.

  • CHF 250.-5 taken

    The professional ä

    Great! Finally we can place Guilty and the topic of the Armenian Genocide professionally in the Swiss online and offline media. In addition, one funding application after another is now flying to the responsible cultural institutions. In return, you will receive the book «In the Land of Blood and Tears», signed by the Swiss historian Hans-Lukas Kieser - including the Guilty film poster with your credits and acknowledgements on Facebook and our website.

  • CHF 500.-4 taken

    Do something big ä

    With your donation we receive the professional equipment for the trailer: Camera, sound equipment, editor and first actors - a thousand thanks for that. In return, we will give you an exclusive ticket to the film premiere of our docudrama + signed DVD + Guilty film poster.

  • CHF 1’000.-0 taken

    Luminary of quality ä

    Thanks to your generosity, we are finalising the trailer. Now everything is complete. With the first donations and audiovisual information material, we successfully apply for funds from film funding foundations and the Ministry of Culture. How fantastic is that. In return, we invite you to spend a full day shooting with us and the film crew + ticket to the premiere of Guilty + Guilty film poster with your credits.