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  • CHF 25.-3 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Your personal music pleasure: You receive a copy of «Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre», sign by all the artists!

  • CHF 50.-17 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Something to wear: You get a beautiful self-printed T-Shirt and a signed copy of «Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre».

  • CHF 75.-3 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Live music experience: Get invited to a private concert of «Borda to Borda». There will be Ugandan snack to graze too!! The concert is going to take place in Dietikon on the 13th of June.

  • CHF 125.-5 / 10 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    A culinary experience: Get a genuine Ugandan dinner, together with all the artists!! Get to know the people behind the music!

  • CHF 250.-0 / 1 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    Something amazing: You and your friend get a meet&greet with us at the imagine-Festival in Basel, you are invited in the backstage area and you can watch our concert live from the stage!! You get a signed copy of «Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre» and a self-printed t-shirt!

  • CHF 500.-1 taken

    Summary Fallbackä

    We get you to move: Together with four friends you’re going to learn the first steps in breakdance, house or locking/popping in a half-day-workshop on the 8th or 15th of June!! (Or we’re going to work on your already-there skills). In addition each of you gets a copy of signed "Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre« and a self-printed t-shirt!