Borda to Borda

by Joh


Borda to Borda is a project of 5 Ugandan and 2 Swiss Artists. In 2013, we recorded the album «Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre» in Kampala, Uganda. Now we are about to tour around Europe!!!

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Project and Tour 2014

Borda to Borda, this is Jora, Oscar, Moze, Taye and Felix from Uganda and Jocelyn and Johannes from Switzerland. In August 2013 we recorded the album «Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre» in Kampala, Uganda.

On the 21st of May 2014 Joram, Taye, Oscar, Moze and Felix land in Zurich Kloten. This is the starting shot for our BTB Summer-Tour.

Catch us live:

  • May 25th Jamsession Kulturbeiz Wohlen AG
  • May 30st Café Africa (VJF) Wohlen AG
  • May 31st 2on2 Breakdance Battle Wohlen AG
  • June 7th imagine-Festival Basel BS
  • June 14th Mondsuchtfestival Bubendorf BL
  • June 21st Fête de la Musique Berlin DE
  • June 27th Junction Bar Berlin DE
  • June 28th Gartenfest Freiburg i. B.

Also, we are going to hold Workshops for Breakdancing, Rapping and Beatboxing and we are going to hold several photo exhibitions, in the Kulturbeiz Wohlen and at the imagine-Festival in Basel among others.

Support us!

We were able to finance the most important things like flights and insurance and we do have some money left.

Yet we still are in need for 3000 Swiss Francs to pay transportation, food, and the like.

We appreciate every donation and are humbled if you support us! Therefore we do have some amazing rewards for you. Whether it is a signed CD, a Ugandan Dinner or a «Meet&Greet» with us at the imagine-Festival, we are sure you will be amazed!!

More infos about the project

In August 2013, Jocelyn Daloz and I traveled to Uganda. On a journey the year before I got to know Ugandan break dancers and musicians. We were curious about how Hip Hop is celebrated in Uganda. And we wanted to make music.

Together with Jora, Moze, Taye, Felix and Oscar we set up an improvised recording studio in Moze’s room. Every afternoon we came together to work on and record songs. Within one month a lot of songs came together, seven of then are put together on the album «Borda to Borda / D’une Frontière à l’Autre».

Borda to what??

Borda to Borda as a name comes from the «Bodaboda», a motorcycle taxi used in Uganda. Those motorcycles, back in the days, where used in between the borders, from border to border. «Borda to Borda» and its french translation «D’une Frontière à l’Autre» summarizes perfectly what we did within this month. Seven young artists from different cultures and countries worked together on a common piece of art, a shared passion.

Idea & Impact

We realized that we could change something. We can tell a story, beneath the stories of poverty, violence or homophobia we can tell a story of friendship, of shared ideas and dreams. A story of things that bring people together instead of dividing them. And every person who gets to know our story gets to see a new, fresh picture of Uganda.

We won’t change the world with our music. We are aware of that. But we can contribute towards a new point of view on Uganda and Africa. We can show a picture that really exists but that a lot of people don’t yet know. And the more people get to see this picture, get to hear our music, the more impact our project has.

«Maybe we don’t change nothing but our hearts.»

Thank you so much for your support!