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  • CHF 35.-0 taken

    The BuskersÀMorges 's hatä

    Bravo, you help us to prepare hats - important element of the Buskers because the artist only receives the amount that will be in the hat as a fee during this Festival. In exchange, you will be entitled to 1 drink of your choice at our stands

  • CHF 60.-1 taken

    fuel" for volunteersä

    Selling programs, serving meals, tidying up, cleaning, stocking up, washing, wiping cups, welcoming the public, running from one stage to another, getting information, keeping a good mood and a smile. With your contribution, the energy of the staff will be restored in the form of sandwiches, chocolates, cakes, drinks, fruits, etc...
    As a thank you, we offer you 2 good beers to exchange at our stands

  • CHF 80.-0 taken

    belly full smile guaranteedä

    An artist with a full belly will have the strength of a lion to take you into his poetic universe. With this participation 1 artist will have 3 good meals served by our Maria with golden fingers. In return, you will be entitled to taste a raclette and enjoy 1 beer at our stands.

  • CHF 100.-1 taken

    sweet dreams for the artistä

    Thanks to your great participation, the artist will be able to rest for 1 night in the chosen hotel and be in good shape for his performance. While the artist is resting, you will be entitled to taste a specialty at the South American stand

  • CHF 150.-0 taken

    by train, bus, carä

    Thanks to your support, the artist will be able to travel part of the way to join us in Morges. In return, we offer you 1 brochure with the program and a drink for friendship.