Choose your reward

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back without rewardä

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift

  • CHF 10.-6 taken

    Butterfly pictureä

    We are sending you a beautiful picture of a butterfly taken by one of our photographers

  • CHF 25.-3 taken

    Portrait of a butteflyä

    We will send you a portrait of a butterfly be email.

  • CHF 40.-0 taken

    What is my name?ä

    You will receive a proud portrait of a wild plant of our region by email.

  • CHF 50.-17 taken

    Butterfly greetingä

    A hand-drawn butterfly will fly to you by post.

  • CHF 75.-0 taken

    Creative messageä

    We will send you a cRe-atiVe message by email.

  • CHF 100.-17 taken

    Wild seedsä

    You will find seeds of local plants from our region in your letterbox.

  • CHF 150.-2 taken

    butterfly soapä

    we will send you a hand-made butterfly sopa (only within Switzerland)

  • CHF 200.-2 / 10 taken


    The free entrance to the Papiliorama opens a window to exotic butterflies as well as the wealth of native butterflies.

  • CHF 350.-0 taken

    Garden poemä

    One of our poetically experienced board members will write you a personal garden poem.

  • CHF 500.-5 taken

    A glimpse of an oasisä

    One of the friendly natural gardeners of our garden park will guide you through the wonderful flora and fauna of his or her refuge.

  • CHF 1’000.-0 / 10 taken

    Fluttering secretsä

    You are the audience of PapaPapillon's (Marc de Roche) burlesque about the secrets of the butterflies in our gardens.

  • CHF 1’500.-1 / 5 taken

    Meeting in the Elysiumä

    You will meet the passionate wild perennial gardener and garden designer from Biel in private in her award-winning garden. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you about the creation of natural gardens and planting wild plants.

  • CHF 2’000.-0 / 5 taken

    Garden Fairyä

    You will be visited in your garden by our Garden Fairy, Lea Frei, wild perennial gardener and office assistant of Wild & Beautiful. She will dance through your meadows and shrubs for 2 hours and give you recommendations on how to make your garden more natural. (maximum travel time is 1 hour from Corgémont).

  • CHF 5’000.-0 / 10 taken

    Déjeuner sur l'herbeä

    The lively initiator of Wild & Schön, Ursi Singenberger, invites you to her original garden for an exquisite brunch with selected guests.

  • CHF 10’000.-0 taken

    «Wild & Schön» weekendä

    Together with a competent guide and other participants you will roam through forests and fields, collect wild herbs, resin and roots, cook a magical meal on the fire and sleep under the stars.