We are creating a network of interconnected «wild & beautiful» natural gardens as a sustainable habitat for butterflies between the Papiliorama and Biel.

CHF 23’755

105% of CHF 22’500

105 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 9/7/2023

This is what it's all about.

Did you know that there is a dramatic decline in biodiversity worldwide? 1’000’000 plants and animals are on the verge of extinction.

The diversity of plant and animal species and of habitats is essential for our survival. We all rely on ecosystem services - gifts of nature - such as food, fresh water, clean air and a balanced climate.

Soil sealing, intensive agriculture, emissions, etc. are to blame for the decline in biodiversity, but the cause behind this lies deeper: the greed of humanity continuously demanding «more and more, faster and faster, better and better».

The GOOD NEWS is: nature can recover and biodiversity can be actively promoted. The association «Wild & Schön», founded in 2021, promotes biodiversity in private gardens in the Region of the Three Lakes. Butterflies with their cheerful colours and lively behaviour are our central theme.

We encourage garden owners to create natural gardens and give them recommendations on how to promote biodiversity. We interconnect the gardens to build a network. We raise the awareness of all generations for the importance of biodiversity through sustainable tourism activities.

OUR DREAM: a butterfly corridor from the Papiliorama to Biel.

  • The cabbage white, a frequent guest in our garden
    The cabbage white, a frequent guest in our garden
  • The Meadow brown, an occasional guest in our gardens
    The Meadow brown, an occasional guest in our gardens
  • The Marbled white, a rare guest in our gardens
    The Marbled white, a rare guest in our gardens

My project is special because ...

In a world of bad news, we aim at ENCOURAGING private individuals and families. Even small efforts can contribute to promoting biodiversity.

  • Following Aristotles principle stating that THE WHOLE IS MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS, we are creating a network linking organisations, people, gardens, flora and fauna with each other.

  • We wish to LEARN ORGANICALLY in and with nature: experiencing, feeling and trying.

  • We are amazed by the diversity, the spontaneity and the grandiose interplay of natural forces, and are SEEKING OUR PLACE AS HUMANS IN THESE SYSTEMS in order to initiate a new, sustainable world worth living in.

  • Strolling through a private garden as gentle tourism activities, watching the zig-zag flights of butterflies and exchanging enthusiastic views with the dedicated owners. These are DEEP EXPERIENCES, the value of which cannot be measured in francs.

  • We do NOT have to CHANGE the WORLD, but only ourselves and the people around us. One optimistic step at a time we approach our neighbours, the local SMEs and regional leaders.

  • Reto gardening
    Reto gardening
  • Ursula explaining wild plants
    Ursula explaining wild plants
  • Marvelling at Elsa's garden
    Marvelling at Elsa's garden

This is what we need backing for.

We need your help to be able to launch the Butterfly Corridor. Starting this autumn, we would like to include 30 lead gardens within the communities of the butterfly corridor.

With these gardens as a starting point, a network of nature gardens will gradually spread out within each village. The villages will then be linked to each other by a butterfly trail at a later stage.

Recording a garden within the network requires many steps: initial contact and preliminary questions from the owners, evaluation by an expert on site, feedback and follow-up discussion on site. The cost for the entire process amounts to 750.- per garden. For 30 gardens this sums up to 22’500.-.

Other activities such as tourism, administration, translations, advertising or the website are financed by other sources.

  • Skilful plant combination in Elsa's garden
    Skilful plant combination in Elsa's garden
  • Pond in Gina’s artist’s garden
    Pond in Gina’s artist’s garden
  • Inviting sitting area in Wronka and Stefan's garden
    Inviting sitting area in Wronka and Stefan's garden