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  • CHF 5.-2 taken

    Mustard seedä

    Not only in the bible does the great grow from the small! I am deeply grateful to you and mention you in the book as supporter.

  • CHF 15.-2 taken


    I will send you a postcard with a picture taken during the project. I thank you deeply and will mention you in the book as supporter.

  • CHF 30.-8 taken


    You get an A3 print of one of the photos of the project of your choice delivered to your doorstep. Thank you so much for your backing – I'll mention you in the book as well.

  • CHF 60.-22 taken


    I will send you the book I am making out of this project to your home – you'll also find yourself mentioned in it as supporter. Thank you heaps!

  • CHF 120.-4 / 15 taken


    You wanted to have a recent nice picture of you? Let’s meet up in Zurich or Innsbruck and I’ll take a nice portrait of you in a café, on the street or anywhere else in the city. Thank you so much for your grand help, I'll put your name in the book!

  • CHF 250.-4 / 10 taken

    Portrait Plusä

    Thank you a million times for your most generous support! Here you are right if you look for a special portrait of yourself – be it for professional purposes or an artist’s portrait. I’ll visit you in Zurich or Innsbruck or organise a place in Zurich, where we can work on your picture until smile and light is right. It goes without saying that I'll also mention you as a supporter in the book.