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  • EUR 33.-15 taken

    CD + postcardsä

    Hey, thank You! You will receive a signed RAW LOVE-CD and 10 artwork postcards!

  • EUR 66.-12 taken

    CD + T-shirtä

    Hey, hey, thank You! Your reward will be a signed CD, of course, AND a bloody cool RAW LOVE T-shirt!

  • EUR 99.-10 taken

    CD + RAW LOVE apronä

    Wa-hey! Thaank You! You will definitely be the coolest chef around town after you received a signed CD plus the sizzlingly hot RAW LOVE-apron!

  • EUR 222.-6 taken

    CD + apron + tableclothä

    Wa-hey-hey-hey! Thank You!! The mailman or woman will bring you a signed CD «RAW LOVE», a very cooool RAW LOVE - apron and a unique tablecloth with handwritten lyrics of two RAW LOVE-songs - so...With that outfit you'll surely be the coolest chef...why not dine in style for a while?!

  • EUR 333.-1 taken

    CD + sketched portraitä

    Ho-ho-ho, thank you very very much! As a reward for your generous support of our project you'll receive a signed CD and your personal sketch of a portrait from a photograph of your liking in RAW LOVE-style by Marcel Laliberté (see our profile picture).

  • EUR 555.-1 taken

    CD + concert in our studioä

    Hoooowl!!! May Your name be praised in all lands! As a reward you will receive a signed CD + a private concert in our Geneva SOIR BLEU-studio at Usine Kugler for You and your friends!

  • EUR 1.111.-1 taken

    CD + concert in your placeä

    Speechless! Deeply grateful! For this amazing support you will receive of course a signed CD but also a private concert in a place of your choosing (offer reserved for the following geographic areas: Greater Geneva, Greater Berlin, Switzerland and Southwest Germany).