CD RAW LOVE Pressing & Promo

by George Leitenberger

Geneva and Berlin

We recorded our CD «RAW LOVE» in Berlin – and it now needs to be pressed and promoted to reach your ears! A unique sounding raw-cut-album in English & German soaked with Moonshine, Poetry & Vibe!

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CD RAW LOVE Crowdfunding video

Our CD «RAW LOVE» is recorded and needs to be pressed and promoted to reach your ears! Fourteen speakeasy songs in English and German soaked with Moonshine, Poetry and Vibe - real musicians playing real instruments. Our intention was to record a sort of back-to-our-roots-album in Berlin within five days, a recording with edge and heartbeat: RAW LOVE. We’re convinced you’ll love it!

You can hear teasers of all songs and learn more about RAW LOVE on

The artwork for the album (see cover pic) is by Marcel Laliberté

Who's playing?

George Leitenberger & Roddy McKinnon, of course, and also colleagues and friends from Berlin. The album was produced by Andreas Albrecht and recorded at UFO Soundstudios Berlin-Friedrichshain. George & Roddy have been working together now for more than five years and wanted to make a fabulous sounding yet bare boned album, which we’re convinced we achieved. As a bonus track you’ll find a song by the Late Great Andreas Schmidt, the long-term friend and actor of profound talent who left for jugglers’ heaven far too early. We had a ball in the studio recording Andreas’ song doing it in a way we think he would have loved: a musical jamboree!

Artwork by Marcel Laliberté
Artwork by Marcel Laliberté

What's the money for?

The crowdfunding contributions will finance the pressing of 1000 CDs with a booklet, including full lyrics and artwork, as well as CD promotion throughout Switzerland and Germany (specialised magazines and websites, radio shows, etc.).