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Give away a project backing as a giftä

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  • EUR 5.-1 taken

    Shout Out!ä

    You receive a heartfelt Thank you! As well on social media (fb, twitter, Instageam)

  • EUR 15.-3 taken

    Bouncy Ball!ä

    You receive a signed original Flyer from the Show and a fun Fringe Bouncy ball!

  • EUR 20.-1 taken

    Caleidocello ä

    You receive a the Solo - CD Caleidocello with a lot of great music from Bach to Bluegrass and back!

  • EUR 35.-4 taken

    Come to the Show!ä

    You receive two tickets with first row reservation and the CD Caleidocello!

  • EUR 35.-2 taken

    Welcome welcome!ä

    You receive 2 Tickets to the Show (Aug 2 - 24/not 11), first row reservations and a pack of delicious Viennese Manner Schnitten!

  • EUR 40.-0 taken

    The Show at your placeä

    Can't make it to the show? I come to your living room! Until June 15th for 180 EUR PLUS: You get to choose one piece/song!

  • EUR 50.-1 / 3 taken

    Barock zu zweitä

    Zwei Tickets mit Reservierung in der ersten Reihe am 17.11.19 in der Ruprechtskirche, Wien’s ältester und vielleicht schönster Kriche, bei Cello Expansion Konzert 4 mit barocker Cellomusik von Giuseppe dall’Abaco.

  • EUR 50.-3 / 6 taken

    Take her/him out! ä

    LIMITED: Du erhältst 2 Karten in der ersten Reihe beim Jazz in der Fabrik zum stark vergünstigten Preis am 19.10.2019 im f23 Wien!

  • EUR 50.-5 taken

    Fringe Packä

    You receive a DVD of the show, the CD Caleideocello, an original Poster and an ecofriendly Fringe-bag

  • EUR 70.-1 taken

    Let's have a lesson ä

    You receive 2 Cello Lessons at your home (only Edinburgh, during August) or via Skype (planet Earth, anytime).

  • EUR 90.-0 / 3 taken

    Exquisite Edinburghä

    Not so much for locals: You receive 2 tickets for the Show and an original Cashmere Scarf from Edinburgh!

  • EUR 100.-1 taken

    Christmas Boxä

    You get 5 CDs Caleidocello and have no problem finding presents for upcoming birthday parties!

  • EUR 120.-3 taken

    House Concertä

    You cannot come to the Show? I come to you! 45 concert at your living room during August! (only Edinburgh)

  • EUR 150.-0 taken

    Caleidocello Xmas Packä

    You receive 10 Cds Caleidocello and have officially finished buying Xmas presents for this year!

  • EUR 200.-3 taken

    Full on House Concertä

    Call your friends! I play a full 90 min house concert in your living room for you! Please provide more than one beer afterwards! (only Edinburgh, during August)

  • EUR 250.-0 taken

    Be a Sponsorä

    Your Logo on all Flyers (10.000), Posters (200), and online on Twitter, Instagram and facebook on all showrelated profiles (ca. 5000 altogether)

  • EUR 450.-0 / 3 taken

    Join me on stage!ä

    This is huge!

    You play a portable instrument? You live in Edinburgh? We meet for a little rehearsal in the morning and in the evening you join me for one piece in the show! (Aug 2-24/not 11)