This is what it's all about.

Celebrated cross over music show Cello on Fire is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe for a third season and we need your support to make it happen! The title is a Hommage to the burning Celtic fiddles, anyway the new programme is a colorful mix of styles and genres, from Baroque to Rock, passionate, meditative, powerful and poetic. A musical journey comprising everything that just fits in one box: f* good music!

Here is the entry on the Fringe Website:

Some of the finest Jazz Cellists have contributed new pieces again ao. Ernst Reijsegger, Erik Friedlander and Svante Henryson.

Also there is music by the fantastic Giovanni Sollima, Claude Debussy, Giuseppe dall’Abaco, a Flamenco by Rogelio y Huguet, a brand new Norwegian Trad.-Arrangement and more.

For 2019 we found a new, great venue, theSpaceUK! The show will take place at the «Big» Venue at theSpace Triplex, a really «stellar performance place» for a crowd of 120.

The Show premieres on August 2nd 2019, last show is on August 24th! (11/8 off)

My project is special because ...

Cello on Fire has made a lot of people happy during the last seasons in Edinburgh and we hae been able to build up a real audience that keeps coming back for more. The mix of «classical» level of playing and eclectic musical programme seems to be appealing!

A couple of comments (taken from from last year:

«Fell in love since last year, and was very happy that he played an entirely different set this year, with a few stunning pieces.» (MacEdwin)

«Wow. What an evening. He did things to a cello that didn’t seem possible. I’m surprised that at the end of some of the pieces the cello didn’t burst into flames. A great show.» (Viktoria)

«What an amazing experience. From the first note to the last, I was enthralled. Couldn’t believe that the cello could produce sounds like this and his voice accomplishment was amazing. « (James)

Also as a musician this is a fantastic opportunity to develop this project more and more and experiment with it extensively during a whole month of gigs. Also to organize such an event brings great opportunities to learn.

So you can support and take part in a really artistic project and at the same time get one of these really cool presents!

Thank you so much!!

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This is what I need backing for.

As you probably know, the costs for doing a show at the Fringe are notoriously high.

Because we moved to a bigger hall this year, costs have even gone up again compared to last year.

This Crowdfunding only covers a part of the costs, we are hoping to make the rest from the Box Office. This is the personal risk of the artists.

Estimated costs:

Venue rent: 5800 EUR Rent Room: ca. 600 EUR Marketing (Flyer, Ads): ca. 800 EUR Sound/Light Engineer: 500 EUR Videoproduction: ca. 300 EUR Flyerers: 800 EUR

SUM: ca. 8800 EUR