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  • CHF 15.-18 taken

    Big Thank You!ä

    Whether you live in Switzerland, in Peru or in Tahiti, you can support the Nativo Project hereby! As a thank you, your name will appear on our website and we will keep you updated on how the project will evolve in future. (International)

  • CHF 40.-416 taken

    Your Nativo Chocolate Boxä

    Write history with us and be part of the world premiere: You will receive the first Nativo Box with three fine and unique chocolate creations mid December, right on time for Christmas!
    (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 80.-57 taken

    NEW - It takes twoä

    A Nativo Box will be gone in no time – you won’t even notice how fast the chocolates will be eaten! So why not get two of them right away? You can enjoy more of this delicious Nativo chocolates or even give away the second one as a present. But you’ll probably want to keep it for yourself! ;-) (Switzerland only) - Shipping fees included

  • CHF 120.-198 taken

    Plant Your Own Cacao Treeä

    We will plant a Nativo cacao tree for you in the Alto Huayabamba! Mid December, you receive your Nativo Box. Then, as soon as the tree has been planted, you will receive a certificate with the exact GPS coordinates of your tree in Peru. (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 150.-162 taken

    A Big Feastä

    We all know that sharing is caring so why not directly secure 4 Nativo Boxes to surprise your loved ones on Christmas and to enjoy the chocolates together?! (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 200.-199 taken

    One Year Of Chocolatesä

    You will receive our Nativo Box in December and on top of it our annual chocolate subscription! With the chocolate subscription you will find every two months a new box of chocolates in your mail so all in all 6 boxes of chocolate in 2018! (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 350.-4 / 4 taken

    NEW - Backpack By Jonasä

    This reward was so popular – that it first got sold out... BUT Now it’s back and we can offer you 4 more backpacks made by Jonas who is a singer, artist and an enthusiastic supporter of our Revolution. Out of the jute bags used to transport our cacao Nativo, Jonas will craft another 4 backpacks in his workshop and we guarantee you: they are absolutely unique and a real work of art! (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included - Attention: Delivery in March 2018

  • CHF 350.-6 / 6 taken

    Backpack By Jonasä

    Jonas an artist with many talents and an enthusiastic supporter of Choba Choba since the start of our Revolution has crafted himself 4 backpacks in his workshop. These backpacks are made out of jute bags used to transport our cacao Nativo and we guarantee you: they are absolutely unique and a real work of art! (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 375.-31 taken

    Be Santa This Yearä

    Yes, you got it! Our Nativo Box is not only a delicious and meaningful gift, it is also absolutely unique. Take 10 Nativo Boxes and surprise the lovely people in your life with a very special Christmas present! (Switzerland only) – Shipping fees included

  • CHF 750.-1 / 10 taken

    Meet Doriza And Carlosä

    Meet Doriza and Carlos, two Choba Choba farmers and co-founders in Bern on November 17! They will personally hand you over your Nativo Box, invite you to an exclusive tasting where you chat with them about Choba Choba and the Nativo Project! (Switzerland only) – For 2 people

  • CHF 1’500.-4 / 15 taken

    Conservation Center Sponsorä

    Apart from receiving your Nativo Box you become an official sponsor of the Nativo Project: Your name will be featured on our Conservation Center in the Alto Huayabamba. (Switzerland only)

  • CHF 6’500.-1 / 10 taken

    Into The Wildä

    Pack your bag and escape to Peru for 10 days to meet the small communities of the Alto Huayabamba valley and to see where cacao Nativo grows. You will visit the capital Lima, see archeological sights, live with the cacao farmers in their small villages, discover the Amazon jungle and learn everything about cacao farming. (Trip planned in 2018) (Switzerland only) – All inclusive from Zürich

  • CHF 10’000.-0 / 10 taken

    Chocolate For A Lifetimeä

    You can’t live without chocolate? Then we have something special for you! No need to keep looking for world’s finest chocolate anymore - from now on, it will come directly to you! Every two months you will find a new Choba Choba chocolate box in your mail – in total 6 boxes per year. And this until the end of time … (Switzerland only)