Choba Choba – Nativo Project

by Choba Choba

Bern and Juanjuí

Cacao diversity is at risk today with an industry producing standardized chocolates. Help us to save rare cacao varieties and together we will create the most amazing Swiss chocolates out of them!

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Our Chocolate Revolution

Have you ever noticed that basically all industrial chocolates taste the same? What a pity when you know that hundreds of different cacao varieties exist in the world - each one being absolutely unique … But why then can’t we taste this richness and diversity in the chocolates we buy? The reasons are simple. The industry only uses a handful of commercialized cacao varieties, blends them no matter what region they came from and applies standardized production processes to achieve the same result. In the end all the chocolates taste the same and we lose this great diversity of cacaos. We want to change this!

Two years ago we started a Chocolate Revolution and co-founded together with 36 cacao farming families from the Alto Huayabamba valley in Peru «Choba Choba» the first Swiss chocolate brand that belongs to cacao farmers. Through this unusual business model we want to reverse the rules by which the chocolate industry plays. The cacao farmers become entrepreneurs, run their own business and benefit from the success of their own company.

Today, with the launch of the «Nativo Project» we take our Revolution to the level of the product. We want to preserve the diversity of cacao by protecting rare and native varieties, creating chocolates out of them and thus fighting against the industry’s standardization of taste.

Preserve rare cacao varieties and create unique chocolates with us!

In the jungle of the Alto Huayabamba Valley in Peru, we have discovered around 50 cacao varieties that only grow in this part of the planet. The Choba Choba farmers proudly call these cacaos «Nativos» and we know very little yet about these varieties except that they have extraordinary aromas.

The objectives of our Nativo Project are:

  • compile an exhaustive and detailed inventory of these cacao varieties;
  • build a conservation site to preserve these cacaos in situ;
  • analyze each of these cacao varieties for its own distinctive features;
  • replant and cultivate them in our communities;
  • create pilot chocolates with these varieties.

The 80’000 CHF we want to collect through this campaign will allow us to get started. And already this autumn, we will craft the very first chocolates out of an assemblage of cacaos Nativos: the Nativo Chocolate Box that is at the center of this campaign!

Reaching the objective of our campaign will allow us to embark on an exciting long-term journey! By supporting our project you become an important part of this adventure and will follow its evolution step by step. Year after year, as our research advances, we will create new and every time unique chocolates with these cacao varieties. The assemblage creations of the first years will soon be replaced by single variety creations, meaning: one cacao Nativo variety = one chocolate creation. And we want you to play a central role in this creation process by enjoying these chocolates every year and sharing with us your impressions.

Extraordinary chocolates for Christmas!

You help us – we help you! By supporting our campaign you automatically take care of your Christmas presents! ;-) The Nativo Chocolate Box at the center of this campaign is the most extraordinary gift you can think of: unique, meaningful and incredibly delicious!

The Nativo Box will contain three pure dark chocolate bars each with a different percentage of cacao and made out of an assemblage of our Nativos. This will allow you to fully discover the complexity of aromas of these precious cacaos as you enjoy them bit by bit. Our chocolates are crafted by the Swiss chocolate maker Felchlin, one of the best on the planet, and will be delivered to you fresh off the mill mid December – right on time for Christmas!

Browse through these images to discover more rewards of our campaign. Maybe you’ll go to Peru next year?