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Back the project « Choreographic Competitions!»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

Back with reward

  • EUR 10 4 takenä

    Yo will get the poem from Allen Ginsberg, that we are using in the piece, and a nice dedicatory! delivered by email.

  • EUR 20 1 takenä

    You will get a picture of the piece with a special dedicatory by post!

  • EUR 30 2 takenä

    You will get a postcard from Burgos Competition with a special message!

  • EUR 40 1 takenä

    You will get a postcard from Burgos plus a picture from us with a special dedicatory!

  • EUR 50 3 takenä

    You will get one ticket to see a dance performance of Ballet Basel together with me!. And If you are abroad Siwtzerland I will send you some swiss delicious chocolate!

  • EUR 70 1 takenä

    You will get a recording video from two of us dancing for you a duo improvisation with the music you choose!

  • EUR 85 0 takenä

    You will get 2 tickets to see a dance performance of Ballet Basel!
    If abroad we can have a skype meeting and I can sing a song with my ukelele for you!!

  • EUR 100 1 takenä

    You will get two tickets for a dance performance in Theater Roxy Basel 16th or 18th november. For the evening called Mixed Pickles, where we will have the premiere of a new dance collective «Track 3».
    If abroad, I will create and record a special dance solo for you with the music and the theme you choose!

  • EUR 150 0 takenä

    If in Basel you will get a glass of wine or beer with me and I can tell you all about the Competitions, plus we can go and dance salsa together!
    If abroad, I will send you a good piece of Gruyere Cheese together with a postcard from Basel with a special dedicatory.

  • EUR 250 0 takenä

    You will get a meal (lunch or dinner) at Lillys restaurant in Basel together with me!! And we can talk about dance, poetry, life... and have fun!

  • EUR 390 0 takenä

    I will offer you a private ballet or contemporary class of one hour!!, in Switzerland i can go to your place or I could rent a studio. Out of Switzerland I will ask you to cover travel cost and accommodation.

  • EUR 645 0 takenä

    I will offer a ballet or contemporary ballet class of 1hour 30 min. for you and your friends! We could also have fun doing some impro session towards the end of the class. In Switzerland I can rent a studio, abroad I would ask you to cover the travel and offer accomodation.

  • EUR 1.000 0 takenä

    If you have a wedding or special event to celebrate! I can participate on it!! I can create a dance solo specially for your event with the music you want, and the topic you like, can be funny, classic, melancholic, physical... I can also bring my Ukelele and sing some songs ( I will send you a link so you can hear it before ;) ) In Switzerland I cover the travel expenses, abroad I would ask you to cover the trip and accommodation.

Back without reward

Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

Give away a project backing as a giftä

You will receive a personal certificate for the recipient of your gift