Choreographic Competitions!

by Samuel Déniz Falcón

Basel, Burgos, Copenhagen, and Madrid

My name is Samuel, freelance dancer and choreographer who have had the luck of being selected to participate in 2international competitions with my last piece «I Noticed». To go, I need your support!

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«I Noticed» Poetry and Dance

«I Noticed» is a piece that I created last year and has been selected to participate in two International Choreographic Competitions! It is a choreography with four dancers where poetry and dance create a dialogue between the oral language and the movement. Delicate and mysterious in the beginning, the dancers find the way to translate the text into their bodies creating emotions with it, by noticing their own thoughts and fears.

« (…) I noticed my own heart beating, breath passing through my nostrils

my feet walking, eyes seeing,

(…) I noticed the sea, I noticed the music – I wanted to dance.»

De: Allen Ginsber; «On the Cremation of Chogyam Trungpa VIdyadhara» (1987), Cosmopolitan Greetings: Poems 1986-1992 by Allen Ginsberg.

Who is Samuel?

Samuel Déniz Falcón, born in Gran Canaria, Spain, 4th of May 1982. He studied dance at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, where he graduated in 2003. His professional experience started with Europa Danse, after that he joined Compañía Nacional de Danza 2, directed by Nacho Duato. Hi has worked as a soloist dancer in the the companies Ballet Carmen Roche(Madrid), La Mov Dance Company (Zaragoza) and since 2009 till 2015 at Tanz Luzerner Theater (Switzerland). Since august 2015 he started his career as a freelance dancer and choreographer.

Parallel to his career, Samuel is studying a BA in «Choreography and dance interpretation» in the «Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid María de Ávila».

The Dancers

This project has the luck to count with four great professional dancers!! The four of them are spanish and studied together in The Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid. They have worked separated in four renowned companies in Switzerland: Ballet Basel, Bern Ballet, Tanz Luzern Theater and Le Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève. And now their are very happy to work together and share the stage once more!

They are: Gabriela Gómez Abaitua, Paula Alonso, Javier Rodríguez y Samuel Déniz Falcón.

Why do we need your support?

«I Noticed» has been selected once more, to participated in two international and renowned choreographic competitions!

Last year «I Noticed» participated in the prestigious Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid «Paso a Dos» and it was awarded with a scholarship for the Choreographic Research week en B-Motion, Bassano del Grappa.

And this summer will participate in:

«Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos New York»

«Copenhaguen International Choreographic Competition»

This Competitions has showcased performances from more than 35 countries and given selected choreographers the opportunity to present their work in a state of the art facility before a jury of recognized and distinguished members of the dance world. Exposure from this Competitions showcases has launched the careers of many talented artists!!!

Both Competitions cover the accommodation, but not the travel costs!! And it is a lot of many for us to pay the travel costs to Burgos (Spain) and Copenhaguen (Denmark) of four people for this two competitions. That is why your help is so important to us!! Even the smallest contribution will be a BIG support for us!

What we will do with your support?

With your support we will be able to cover the travel expenses of 4 dancers to travel from different places of Europe to Burgos (Spain) where the first competition take place end of July. And as well the flight tickets from Spain to Copenhaguen and the coming back from that competition, in the beginning of August.


Check our sections of Rewards. They are all very special and personal to thank your trust and support.

Even the smallest contribution will be a huge help for us!

Thanks for your support!