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5current projects close to Syracuse in fair trade

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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Syracuse. But this may be of interest to you.

Food and Fair Trade


La Music’Ale déménage et s’agrandit. Notre objectif est de produire plus de bière, de pouvoir créer un espace dégustation accueillant et de pouvoir mettre en valeur notre région d'Anniviers.

75 %
CHF 60’300
6 days to go

Fashion, Startup, and Fair Trade


C’est une marque de vêtements que j’ai lancée en 2020. Mon projet est de développer l'économie locale en fabriquant des pièces en Suisse permettant une consommation plus responsable.

10 %
CHF 1’575
27 days to go

Food, Startup, and Fair Trade


Biolaade Gundeli

by Biolaade Gundeli

Veränderung ist angesagt: Wir werden unabhängig und sind ab Oktober eigenständig unter dem neuen Namen «biolaade gundeli» unterwegs.

25 %
CHF 5’580
22 days to go

Fashion, Fair Trade, and Environment


PLUSKA offers locally produced luxury leather goods manufactured by highly skilled, re-employed craftspeople, upcycling small batches of leather scraps from the fashion industry.

19 %
EUR 3’855
28 days to go

Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment

Dari and Pala

Launch of Kazi in Chad

by Kazi Startfunding

Funding for the first two projects of KAZI Chad in the southwestern part of the country. A 2-hectare irrigated crop project and a solar power station project for device charging.