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Give away a project backing as a giftä

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  • CHF 10.-2 taken

    Digital thank youä

    I'll list your name in our newsletter as a thank you!
    (equivalent to approx. € 8)

  • CHF 25.-11 taken

    Personal dedicationä

    You will receive a thank you card from Zurich with a personal dedication.
    (equivalent to approx. € 23)

  • CHF 50.-24 taken

    Mail from Nepalä

    Once mail from Nepal! With this reward, you will receive a thank you card made of Lokta paper this summer. The Lokta paper craft is one of the oldest handicrafts in Nepal. The thank you card made of the precious and fabric-like paper will come to you by mail and is provided with a beautiful Nepalese stamp.
    (equivalent to approx. € 45)

  • CHF 75.-6 / 35 taken

    Pre-Launch Aperoä

    You and a companion will get the opportunity to see the new collection in front of the world. For this I will organize a small event in Zurich before the public launch date in fall 2021 and you and a companion will receive an exclusive invitation and we will toast to this project together.
    (equivalent to approx. € 68)

  • CHF 100.-6 / 50 taken

    Your name blows in Nepalä

    Your name blows in the land of Buddha
    I will write your name on a flag and take it with me on my next production trip to Kathmandu. There, in the courtyard of the workshop of my jewelry your flag will flutter - just in the Buddhist sense that your benefit is carried by the wind and through the airs/world. Just like the mantras on the prayer flags that hang on all Buddhist stupas in Nepal. You will then receive the photographic proof by mail from Nepal & I would also like to invite you and your companion to the pre-launch in Zurich.
    (equivalent to approx. € 91)

  • CHF 125.-4 taken

    VIP tickets for you +3ä

    As a thank you, you will receive VIP tickets for you and three companions for the international design fair Blickfang in Zurich, Basel or Stuttgart and receive you with a glass to toast. I would also like to invite you and your companion to the pre-launch in Zurich.
    (equivalent to approx. € 114)

  • CHF 150.-0 / 10 taken

    I draw for you!ä

    During my production trip to Nepal, I will make a drawing on A4 for you: The motif will be from Nepalese life! In total I will make 15 drawings and you can choose your favourite.

  • CHF 150.-2 taken

    the most magical place & youä

    In the middle of Kathmandu is a truly magical place: The Great Stupa, which for centuries has been one of the most important destinations for Buddhist pilgrims from Nepal and the surrounding regions of the Himalayas. Here I will join the pilgrims and walk around the stupa, saying your name out loud 8 times. Eight is the holy number in Buddhism. I will film myself and send you the recording via message with a greeting directly to you. And I would also like to invite you and your companion to the pre-launch in Zurich.
    (equivalent to approx. € 137)

  • CHF 200.-7 / 15 taken

    Personal engraving on a ringä

    Provide your ring with an engraving: Choose one of the B 217, B 216 or E 262 rings as a thank you gift and my artisans will stamp your personal dedication on the outside of the ring. Ring in 925. Sterling silver is included in the reward & I would also like to invite you and your companion to the pre-launch in Zurich.
    (equivalent to approx. € 160)

  • CHF 250.-15 / 45 taken

    Minimalist love ä

    Exclusively and only here for the moment, you get as a thank you the «Minimalistic Love» key & chain pendant. This pendant in the shape of a heart is forged from 925. sterling silver. An eye-catcher for all lovers of simple beauty. I invite you with company to the pre-launch of the new collection.
    (equivalent to approx. € 228)

  • CHF 300.-6 taken


    As a reward, you will receive a voucher for the new Collection F worth CHF 200, which you can then exchange for a piece of jewellery in our online shop, at an event, at a trade fair or directly during a visit to my studio. I would also like to invite you and your companion to the pre-launch in Zurich.
    (corresponds to approx. € 274)

  • CHF 400.-2 / 6 taken

    Dinner with the designer ä

    Here I will invite you and a companion to an exquisite vegan dinner in Zurich on a rooftop terrace above the rooftops of the city or in the beautiful garden of my studio - wonderfully located and very personal. I also cordially invite you and your companion to the pre-launch in Zurich.
    (corresponds to approx. € 365)

  • CHF 500.-0 / 4 taken

    Felix Doll comes to you ä

    With this reward, I will come to your home for a few hours with a large selection of my jewelry and you can invite your jewelry lover friends. You will also receive an invitation to the pre-launch of the new collection and can take a companion with you. (only possible in Switzerland; corresponds to approx. € 455)

  • CHF 1’000.-0 / 2 taken

    Be part of the shootä

    Be there exclusively when we photograph and film a new campaign for the new collection. You are present as a VIP guest on the set and experience directly how photographer, cameraman / woman, hair & make-up and styling with the models create the new images of the campaign. You will also be one of the first to see the collection 1-2 months before the launch! A unique experience.
    (corresponds to approx. € 912)

  • CHF 3’000.-0 / 2 taken

    Design your own gold ringä

    Create your own ring, according to your wishes with the designer personally together in 100% Fairtrade 18kt gold and within the framework of the Felix Doll aesthetics. This will then be made in Zurich by a master goldsmith. You will receive an invitation to the pre-launch event of the new collection with company.
    (corresponds to approx. € 2740)

  • CHF 4’500.-1 / 2 taken

    Experience Kathmandu ä

    For 7 days I will be your tour guide for two people and accompany you in Kathmandu. There I will show you the production sites of all kinds (weaving mills, knitting mills, ceramic workshops, carpet weavers and of course my goldsmith workshop). You will experience the rich cuisine of Nepal and besides temples, stupas and the royal cities, I will show you ’my’ Kathmandu, which you would not find as a tourist. I help you with all preparations for your trip to Nepal. Exclusive flight and accommodation.
    (corresponds to approx. € 4100)

  • CHF 7’500.-0 / 1 taken

    Your name on the jewelleryä

    All my jewelry pieces have numbers and follow a coding process. I'm making an exception for the first time exclusively for this campaign, because with this special support, I will name a piece of jewelry from the new collection after you. In addition, I will invite you to dinner on a beautiful roof terrace in Zurich and you will be the first to see the collection so you can name your piece. For such a great patron, I will also give you a «Minimalistic Love» keychain, 4 VIP cards for Blickfang fairs and I will name you in my video and the editorial of the collection (if you want).
    (corresponds to approx. € 6840)

  • CHF 25’000.-0 / 1 taken

    Once in a lifetime ä

    You develop together with me a 18kt fairtrade gold ring, which is hand-forged in Zurich by my master goldsmith. You travel together with a companion to Nepal and I show you 7 days ’my’ Nepal and help you with all preparations for your trip to Nepal. We will visit my artisans and create a new piece of jewelry on the spot, which will be in an upcoming collection of FELIX DOLL with your name. In addition, you will enjoy all the rewards together and will receive a dedication by name on my website.Excluding flight and accommodation.
    (corresponds to approx. € 22800)