With your support we will realize the next collection for our fair unisex jewelry label together with our artisans in Nepal.

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Successfully concluded on 20/6/2021

The new collection from FELIX DOLL for the year 2021

Help us make up for last year’s pandemic-related shortfall, become part of FELIX DOLL’s new «COLLECTION F» collection and do good, as we donate 10% of the funding amount of this crowdfunding campaign to the women’s rights organization THE WOMEN’S FOUNDATION NEPAL. Covered are the costs for the development and production of this year’s jewelry collection in Nepal, the finishing in Germany, the production of a campaign and associated video footage as well as the distribution and marketing at trade fairs and specially organized events.

Get out of the comfort zone!

Welcome, my name is Felix Doll and I am the founder and designer of my eponymous jewelry label, which I founded in Zurich in 2015. I design jewelry made of sterling silver, which I have forged in Kathmandu under fair working conditions in a small workshop of artisans. Each piece of jewelry is unique and forged with love and skill. My uncompromising reduced geometric jewelry is loved by a large number of people regardless of origin, gender or preference. Inclusion and empathy is part of the philosophy of my label, as well as the preservation of craftsmanship and the fair principles of trade and labor.

2020 wasn’t an easy year for owner-operated independent creatives like myself, as the event and trade show gridlock brought my ability to meet new and existing customers* to a near halt. I have focused my brand on direct sales since the beginning and I enjoyed presenting my jewelry at trade shows and events in 2015-2019. There the audience is broad and design lovers as well as jewelry novices can enjoy touching my reduced minimalist jewelry, wearing it and buying it with the support of me and my sales team. This direct way of presentation and the contact with customers I appreciate very much.

In 2019 I had still presented my jewelry at 19 fairs, in 2020 there were just 2 fairs and this year there is most likely the first fair in June and then it’s summer break.

I presented my last collection - Collection E - a year and a half ago in fall 2019 and this fall I would like to have my sixth collection - Collection F - made after a long time. With this crowdfunding campaign I am leaving my comfort zone, because asking for help is not easy for me.

With your support, I can take the next step!

If the funding amount comes together, I can first develop the sample collection together with my artisans in Nepal, then commission the production for this fall/winter, create a new photo & video campaign and organize a small fine event in Zurich, where I can celebrate the realized collection together with all supporters.

My understanding of sustainability

To realize the Collection F from the idea to the finished piece of jewelry means above all for the workshop in Kathmandu, with whom I have been working since 2013 and know all the employees and their families, that they have hope again like I do. Their wages are paid and that the school fees of their children can be covered. In 2013 - 2019, I spent a whole month each year working with my team in the workshop to work out every detail in detail. The workers, their families and I have grown together over the years, in addition to good friendships, this also allows us to constantly optimize the quality.

And then at upcoming fairs, presentations and events I can again see and feel the joys of people falling in love with my jewelry. Because this is my greatest happiness on earth.

Last but not least! I will donate 10% of the collected amount to the Womens Foundation of Nepal. I worked for this women’s rights organization in Nepal for 6 months in 2013, and at that time I fell in love with the wonderful people of the country with all my heart. This organization has been taking care of women empowerment for over 30 years, helps with domestic violence, built the first women’s shelters in Nepal, encourages women to live independently, owns an orphanage for girls, works politically for more women’s rights, and has a weaving workshop for women for which I have optimized processes as a textile designer.

With your donation, you, my team in Nepal and I will create the next jewelry collection together.