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Back the project «Creating Coromandel: a book»

Please indicate whether, in return for backing the project, you would like to get a reward or not.

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  • EUR 10 Boost our confidence! 0 takenä

    You are a visionary! To thank you for supporting our dream, our project, and its progress we will send you a PDF or JPEG sketch of the house which you can print out or use as a screensaver! Together we can inspire the next generation and continue the legacy!

  • EUR 25 A personal touch 3 takenä

    You are a champion! As a thank you and on request, a postcard print of a hand-drawn sketch of the house by Edna or Andrea will be sent to you by normal post. Let us know if you would like your personal message to be in English or Italian!

  • EUR 40 Your name in the book! 5 takenä

    You're making it real! We only need 500 people to donate 40EUR each to make this book a reality! For your kind donation, we will include your first and last name in the book in the «Thank-You-For-Making-This-Legacy-Live-On» tribute section. You will be part of the legacy!

  • EUR 50 A copy of the book 13 takenä

    You can't wait to read all about it! As a thank you and on request, your kind donation of 50EUR will set aside a copy of the book as a gift sent to you via standard mail*. Your support will get us there!

    *postage costs up to 15EUR included

  • EUR 60 Q&A Call 1 takenä

    You’re curious! Opportunity to participate in a scheduled online Zoom group call Q&A with Edna and Andrea and ask them about the process of making the book, their own interest in this project, and any other interesting questions about Zanuso’s designs in South Africa. And your name in the thank-you section of the book!

  • EUR 80 Zanuso-SA 101 Webinar 1 takenä

    You’re the Fan! For everything you want to know about Zanuso’s designs in South Africa, why they are important not only in South Africa, but also for the rest of the world, and everything that didn’t make the book, you must not miss out on this exclusive opportunity to participate in this exclusive discussion and visual presentation, online. And we’ll add your name into the thank-you section of the book!

  • EUR 100 Your own signed copy! 7 takenä

    You are a Patron! As a thank you and on request, your kind donation of 100EUR will include your name in the book and we will post a signed copy of the book to you as a gift, via standard mail as soon as it's off the press! We will also include our postcards and access to either the Q&A or Webinar. We appreciate your support!

  • EUR 500 Your Sponsorship = your logo 2 takenä

    Do you want to participate as a sponsor and associate your brand, business, company, or enterprise with innovation and a distinctive architectural legacy?

    Why not sponsor the book and get your logo into it? We will also offer a signed copy of the book and discounted rates for bulk purchases post-publication.

    We would be so grateful for your sponsorship!

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Back the project with any amount of your own choosing and become a part of the success story.

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