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Creating Coromandel an engaging monograph written by Andrea Zamboni and I, Edna Peres. We are both architects and we began our collaboration in 2020, combining research about the architectural vision, inspiration and legacy of Marco Zanuso’s (1916-2001, b. Milan) work in South Africa.

The book describes the time that Zanuso was the architect on two remarkable albeit obscure projects for prominent entrepreneur Sydney Press (1919-1997, b. Cape Town). One of them Coromandel House (1975), is a landmark set within a majestic landscape of rural South Africa and is increasingly called a masterpiece internationally. The other is Edgardale (1978), once the corporate headquarters for one of the largest retail groups in Southern Africa that contributed toward shifts in commercial design and planning. Although Zanuso was famous for his elegant industrial designs, his clear design methodology resulted in architectural projects that were constantly pushing the bar, regardless of site or scale. That’s why these largely unpublished projects contribute to architecture, interior, landscape and product design with ideas that are especially relevant to architects and designers who are building the future, today.

The book is written to attract the interest of designers, historians, scholars and entrepreneurs. It also appeals to a large expat audience of South Africans around the world and Italians familiar with Zanuso designs. We need to raise €20000 for the book to get to print with our preferred independent architectural publisher! Your donation can make it happen!

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Our project is special because ...

It is the first time that the comprehensive design history of this enigmatic project and Zanuso’s contribution to South Africa will be shared with the world!

We do so to inspire a new generation of architects and designers to imagine how they too can connect with nature. And to transport us away from the oblivion of the digital world we have been trapped within during the pandemic, reminding us of the possibility of being rooted within the present moment, by creating architecture anchored in archaic timelessness.

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This is what we need backing for...

Our book has been accepted by an independent bespoke publisher whose attention to detail and extensive experience in architectural publications matches our ambitions for the quality of the publication. The publisher is willing to co-fund this monograph, but we as the authors need to fund 20000EUR (approximately 360000ZAR). This amount includes graphic design and editing as well as manufacture and printing of the book within Europe.

Please get in touch with us via our Coromandel Instagram page or our own Instagram profiles, or email if you would like more information.

We are grateful for any financial contribution you can make to our project! With YOU we can make it!